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The CLMP to honor Lisa Lucas, Danielle Dutton, and Martin Riker; Portland Book Festival offers free programming

Owl logo of Dorothy, a publishing project by Yelena Bryksenkova

In the New York Times, Joshua Cohen reviews Don DeLillo’s new novel, The Silence: “DeLillo has never been content with merely reporting, however: He wants to tell us not just what-is, but how it feels, and it’s this ability to transcribe the moment’s emotion that constitutes his genius.”

At Columbia Journalism Review, Jon Allsop looks at how “herd immunity” and a potential COVID-19 vaccine are covered by the press: “In the absence of hard facts, many journalists, especially on TV, elide doubts, or filter the story of the pandemic through the familiar certitudes of partisan politics.”

A sneak peek at issue 23 of The Point: Jesse McCarthy and Jon Baskin on discrimination and integration, testimonies from Black Lives Matter protesters, a conversation between Eyal Peretz and Anastasia Berg, Apoorva Tadepalli on Mary McCarthy’s The Group, and more.

Tomorrow night at its annual benefit, the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses will honor Lisa Lucas of the National Book Foundation and Martin Riker and Danielle Dutton of Dorothy, a publishing project. Tickets to attend virtually are available for purchase, and the online auction is live now.

This year’s Portland Book Festival, featuring over 100 authors and starting November 5, will extend its virtual programming by two weeks. Additionally, all but three events will be entirely free to attend. Browse the schedule of readings, author events, and writing classes here.