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The demographics of the new New Republic . . .

Noah Warren

The Columbia Journalism Review looks at the stats of the New Republic exodus: Where did the people who left go? What are the demographics of those replaced them? There are now five people of color and ten women on staff (out of twenty-one people altogether). Among the thirty-five former staffers, there were zero people of color and thirteen women. CJR also tallies how many of the current staff have ivy league degrees: Nine do, twelve do not. The balance has switched; formerly, nineteen did and sixteen did not.

The publishing company Open Road has just launched Factory Books, a collection of books about Andy Warhol and other Factory personalities, many of which have been out of print. Titles include Candy Darling’s Memoirs of a Warhol Superstar and Wayne Koestenbaum’s astounding Andy Warhol: A Biography.

Zadie Smith describes her early attempts to keep a diary: “I was never able to block from my mind a possible audience, and this ruined it for me: It felt like homework.” Since 1996, her daily life has mainly been recorded elsewhere, in her email: “Like most people (I should think) a personal nightmare of mine is the idea of anybody wandering around inside that account, reading whatever they please, passing judgment. At the same time, when I am dead, if my children want to know what I was like in the daily sense, not as a writer, not as a more-or-less presentable person, but simply the foolish human being behind it all, they’d be wise to look there.”

Noah Warren has won the Yale Series of Younger Poets award.

A never-before-published Dr. Seuss book—What Pet Should I Get?will be out in July. Thought to be written and illustrated at some point between 1958 and 1962, the book was discovered in 2013 in the office of the late Ted Geisel—aka Dr. Seuss—after he died.