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The Gaza Monologues performances today; Sasha Frere-Jones on his new memoir

Sasha Frere-Jones. Photo: Heidi DeRuiter.

Tonight in New York, Ninth Street Studio will feature Aaina Amin, Jen Elias, Abou Farman, Sahar K., H. Sinno, and others reading The Gaza Monologues, a project begun in 2010 by more than thirty young people for the Palestinian theater ASHTAR.  ASHTAR is asking theaters around the world to perform the monologues today. The New York event is being put on by Movement Research, Performance Space New York, Mabou Mines, and Writers Against the War on Gaza. PDFs of the monologues are available in multiple languages on the Gaza Monologues site. In an entry from the original series, thirteen-year-old Taima’a Okasha wrote, “When I grow up, I want to be a journalist or a lawyer or a prime minister. A journalist so I could photograph the beauty and simplicity in Gaza because I love it, I love its salt, sand and air, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

The LARB Radio Hour podcast hosts Sasha Frere-Jones talking with Kate Wolf about his memoir, Earlier

The Yale Review and Yale University Press have started the Yale Nonfiction Book Prize. The winner will receive a $15,000 advance, publication by Yale University Press, and first-serial excerpt placement in The Yale Review. Submissions for the award, which will be judged by Meghan O'Rourke, will begin in January 2024.

Paste Magazine has acquired Jezebel two weeks after it was shut down by its parent company G/O Media. Paste editor-in-chief and co-founder Josh Jackson told the New York Times, “The idea of there not being a Jezebel right now just didn’t seem to make sense.” 

For The Nation, Sam Huber reviews Paisley Currah’s 2022 book Sex Is as Sex Does. Huber writes, “In what seems to me to be one of the book’s most important but understated interventions, Currah points out, at the root of apparent transphobia, a longer history of sexism.”