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The growing backlash against one PEN Awards finalist

The Graduate Student Coalition for Liberation has created a list of books and articles to help “educate readers about the Penguin Random House has given us a sneak peak of the cover of Melissa Broder’s novel The Pisces, due out from the Hogarth imprint in May 2018.

In an interview at the Creative Independent, Matthew Zapruder—a poet, editor (he edits the poetry page of the NYT Magazine), and critic—confronts an assumption that he believes steers readers away from poetry: “People think poetry is hard and their idea about what’s hard about it is wrong. They think it’s hard because you have to decode it, but that’s actually not what’s hard about poetry. What’s hard about poetry is just accepting what is actually being said and not doing what we’re taught to do in school all the time, which is to translate things or decode them or try to unpack what they really mean. It’s not about that.