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The Heritage Foundation launches a news service

Russell Edson

Sarah Nicole Prickett interviews Nona Willis Aronowitz about her mother, Ellen Willis, and a new anthology of her mother's writing, The Essential Ellen Willis. A music critic at the New Yorker and later a cultural critic at the Village Voice, Willis died in 2006, but a new generation of writers—including Sara Marcus, Sasha Frere Jones, Cord Jefferson, and Prickett—is championing her work.

Politico reports that the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank, is planning to launch a news service geared toward a conservative audience.

The poet Russell Edson has died.

In Bookforum, Dave Hickey, the author of Air Guitar, writes about poker, Vegas, and Colson Whitehead’s The Noble Hustle: “The more you know about your opponents, the less you know about their play, because poker is not self-expression. It’s all hustle and dazzle. Every poker player has a deceptive poker persona and an even more deceptive game. I know hard-ass wise guys who play like anxious librarians, and anxious librarians who will whack you off at the knees.”

At the Observer, Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke asks how and why Adelle Waldman’s debut novel, The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., became the sensation that it did.

Reddit has revised the the privileges granted its volunteer moderators. Now, no single moderator can control the front page—which 110 million people visit every month—to the extent that used to be possible.