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The Intercept hires Shaun King; Carmen Maria Machado on the uncanniness of womanhood

Carmen Maria Machado. Photo: Tom Storm

Orion is publishing an anthology about Brexit this November. Goodbye, Europe, will include works from forty-six contributors, including a short story by Lionel Shriver “about a relationship ending in the wake of the referendum,” a reflection by Jessie Burton “about her first visit to the continent,” and an essay by Robert MacFarlane “about the flight paths of the migrant bird species that the UK shares with Europe.”

Shaun King has been hired by The Intercept as a columnist. Most recently, King was a columnist at the New York Daily News. The website has also added Vanessa Gezari as national security editor, Aída Chávez as a political reporter, Maryam Saleh as associate editor, and Kate Aronoff and Rachel M. Cohen as contributing writers.

Times issued a correction, but the conflict is complicated by the fact that both Goldberg and Grigoriadis work for the paper: Goldberg was recently hired as a columnist for the Op-Ed page, while Grigoriadis is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine. Pompeo notes that the mistake not only calls editorial page editor James Bennet’s decision-making into question, but also reflects poorly on the paper’s recent restructuring of the copy desk, in which “strong editors” handle both copy editing and fact checking. “If anything, the response to this controversy may simply underscore a sense of unease within the halls of 620 Eighth Avenue as the Times undergoes important and necessary changes,” he concludes. “Change is hard for any company—but especially for a 165-year-old institution where tradition is so deeply embedded in the D.N.A.”