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The Literary Arts Emergency Fund to provide $3.5 million in one-time grants; Michelle Obama launches podcast

Michelle Obama. Photo: © Miller Mobley

The Literary Arts Emergency Fund will provide $3.5 million in one-time grants to publishers and literary organizations. The fund is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and was spearheaded by the Academy of American Poets, the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, and the National Book Foundation.

At ProPublica, an investigation into Facebook’s claim that they do not allow misinformation about voting on the site: “False claims, including conspiracy theories about stolen elections or outright misrepresentations about voting by mail by Trump and prominent conservative outlets, are often among the most popular posts about voting on Facebook.”

Michelle Obama is launching a podcast on Spotify. The first episode will be released on July 29th.

Vox Media has laid off seventy-two staff members, about 6 percent of its total workforce. The Vox Media Union announced that they had been negotiating with management to avoid layoffs and that the company had refused to implement solutions that would have saved jobs.

Mary L. Trump’s Too Much and Never Enough has sold more than 950,000 copies since being published on Tuesday.

Legendary foreign correspondent and editor Christopher Dickey has died unexpectedly in Paris at sixty-eight. Dickey’s start in international reporting came at the Washington Post in 1980, where he covered Central America and later the Middle East. Over the course of his career he reported from over forty-two countries and authored several books.

New flash fiction from Sheila Heti at the New Yorker: “After the wars people said, We need some reason to be less upset. Someone suggested, Colors? The world agreed that colors were needed, to pull everyone out of the despair of the dying, and all those piled-up bones. Colors were brought in.”

On Literary Hub’s Virtual Book Channel, Book Marks editors Katie Yee and Dan Sheehan discuss the best reviewed books of the week, Bari Weiss’s self-cancelation, and whether seven-year-olds should watch The Exorcist.