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The media's coverage of the terrorist attack in Nice

The front page of Le Monde

Le Monde’s front page on the morning after the terrorist attack in Nice shows a man praying next to a body covered with a sheet, and the publication also ran a grim gallery of images from the scene. The Nice-Martin’s headline “Ils s'appelaient Timothé, Fatima, Brodie... qui sont les premières victimes de l'attentat de Nice?” reveals the names of the first victims of the attack, while Charlie Hebdo posted a chilling cartoon on their Facebook page showing what happens “when religious fanatics are invited to secular holidays.” The network France 2 apologized for broadcasting a video interview showing a survivor of the attack sitting next to the body of his wife.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Newt Gingrich took the attack as an opportunity to zing Obama on Fox News with glib comments about “truck regulations,” and called for “testing every person here who is of a Muslim back and if they believe in Sharia, they should be deported.” One of the many disturbing details reported in the Times was a witness’s recollection of seeing the truck and thinking it was simply out of control before realizing that the vehicle's lights were off and its horn wasn’t honking. At Poynter, James Warren looks at how the terrorist attack in Nice has been covered and considers the effects of the frenetic pace of recent tragic news: "Thursday offered the latest window onto a hyperkinetic media age and the impossibility of maintaining public focus on any topic for much longer than 10 minutes. Consider how the press seamlessly segued from race and police conduct to Mike Pence and terrorism. The Dallas cop shootings seemed a million miles away."