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The Moth to honor Zadie Smith; new plans to adapt "The Goldfinch"

Benjamin Kunkel

The Moth has announced that it will honor Zadie Smith with the 2014 Moth Award at its 13th annual gala on May 13.

Journalist Matthew Power has died at age 39 while on assignment in Uganda. The Times reports that the cause of death was probably heat stroke. Harper’s Magazine has granted free access to all of Power’s work for that publication; his work can also be found at Men’s Journal; the VQR; and Longreads.

In a New York magazine profile, n+1 editor and author Benjamin Kunkel discusses his forthcoming book essays, Utopia or Bust, his move from novelist to lefty public intellectual, and his love/hate relationship with the Denver Broncos: “I was thinking today about what I would want to happen: I hope the Broncos win, and then I hope football is banned next year. I’ll have my Sundays back, and we won’t be involved in this barbaric practice.”

Color Force, the production company behind the Hunger Games movies, is set to adapt Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch into a television series or possibly a movie. For ideas about who should star in the production, see Natasha Vargas-Cooper's "How I'd Cast The Goldfinch."

You can now read an excerpt from The Haunted Life, the Jack Kerouac novella that was supposedly lost in an NYC taxi. Written in 1944 when Kerouac was 22, the semi-autobiographical story is being published for the first time by Penguin Classics.