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The Mueller Report doesn't exist, but it is an Amazon bestseller...

Marcel Proust

The Mueller Report hasn’t been made public, and it remains unclear if it ever will be, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a number-one bestseller on Amazon. If the report is released, Simon and Schuster is ready to publish it, and created placeholder pages that announce the book. As Publishing Perspectives points out, those placeholder announcements do not indicate how many pages the book will be—because no one in the publishing world knows how long the report actually is.

Cafe Loup, the West Village bar and bistro that has for years been a go-to for people who work in the publishing industry, has closed its doors (again). The restaurant was a hangout for writers such as Christopher Hitchens, who once devoted one of his Vanity Fair columns to the place.

Susan Page’s The Matriarch, a biography of Barbara Bush, reveals that the former First Lady said in interviews shortly before her death that Trump caused her “angst” during the 2016 elections. Asked if she still considered herself a Republican after Trump’s election, Bush stated: “I'd probably say no today." The Matriarch will be released by Twelve Books on April 2.

French director Guillaume Gallienne (Me, Myself and Mum) is planning to adapt Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time into a TV miniseries.

The AWP conference gets fully under way today in Portland, Oregon, with morning yoga and a range of talks about writing—writing about “women’s rites of passages,” writing about vulnerable populations, writing about end times, writing autobiography, writing grants. And much more.