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The New York Times launches initiative to look beyond daily news and election cycles; Jill Filipovic discusses her new book

Jill Filipovic. Photo: Gary He

Members of the National Book Critics Circle have released an open letter with short- and long-term recommendations for the organization to better address systemic racism. The letter calls for the cancelation of the 2020 NBCC awards and ceremony, and asks “to prioritize anti-racist labor, institutional accountability, and organizational restructuring immediately.” In June, more than half the NBCC board resigned after a dispute over a statement drafted in support of Black Lives Matter.

At the Washington Post, a look at the art of the Zoom book tour.

At Gothamist, Danny Lewis reports on efforts by the NYPD to change the rules about suspending or revoking press passes. On Tuesday, photojournalist Robert Stolarik testified at a hearing about the proposed change: “In essence, we are giving away the very freedom of the press if we allow the police department to make determinations of who is worthy to bear witness to events.”

The New York Times has announced the Headway Initiative, a new project that every year “will produce 10 to 12 deeply researched, visually ambitious, data-rich projects that look beyond the 24-hour news and election cycles.”

On Wednesday August 26th, via Zoom, Jill Filipovic and Anand Giridharadas will discuss Filipovic’s new book, OK Boomer, Let’s Talk: How My Generation Got Left Behind. The event will be hosted by the Strand Book Store in New York.