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Sasha Bonét on the art of collage and reimagining Black futures; The New Yorker Union demands a “just cause” provision

Sasha Bonét.  Photo: Jeremy Grier

The first episode of Diversity Hire, a new podcast (and newsletter) about being a “person of color” in media, is out now.

Yesterday, the New Yorker Union undertook a half-day work stoppage to demand a “just cause” provision in their contract. The union stated that employees “will not participate in the production or promotion of content for the print magazine or the website,” from 9am to 1pm and reserve the right to take further action if management doesn’t adequately respond.

At The Cut, Claire Lampen details “What We Know About the Killing of Elijah McClain.” McClain, an unarmed twenty-three-year-old, was killed by police last August in Aurora, Colorado. The case had initially received little attention, but has since become a national story, reported on in the New York Times and many other outlets. Yesterday, the governor of Colorado signed an executive order that will initiate a new investigation into the case.

The New York Public Library is beginning a phased reopening on July 13th.

In the Paris Review, Sasha Bonét writes about Lorna Simpson, the art of collage, Breonna Taylor, and Black women’s place in the movement to end racial injustice and police brutality. Bonét writes of Simpson: “She constructs surreal story lines that make our internalized racial bias pliable. The Black Lives Matter movement rests on the expansiveness of our imaginations, on our ability to imagine worlds that have never yet existed. The Americas were built on oppression, and a new order must be conceptualized. Reform is simply not enough. We must start from scratch, cutting up the past and then piecing together the imagined with what worked for those before us.”

The Los Angeles Times is working to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by six Black, Hispanic, and female journalists contending discriminatory pay practices.

Mother Jones investigates “How the Coronavirus Spread QAnon: Right-wing conspiracies and the pandemic created a petri dish for the child-trafficking hoax.”