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The Pulitzers

Kathryn Schulz

This year’s Pulitzer Prize winners were announced yesterday, including Kathryn Schulz, who’s being rewarded one more time for scaring us more than any magazine writer should.

Hilary Mantel describes her days writing fiction, which “makes me the servant of a process that has no clear beginning and end or method of measuring achievement. . . . A book grows according to a subtle and deep-laid plan. At the end, I see what the plan was.”

Lenny, Lena Dunham’s new Random House imprint, is publishing Sour Heart, the first story collection by poet and essayist Jenny Zhang. (“The good thing about having so many genres to work in,” Zhang told The Stranger not long ago, “is that I can go back to an old one and it feels new again. Distance made my heart grow fonder for fiction.")

Ryan McCarthy has left the New York Times to become editor in chief of Vice News, replacing founding editor Jason Mojica, who will be moving to Vice’s soon-to-be-launched nightly HBO show as head of international coverage—which makes sense, as Mojica is the man who brought the world the spectacle that was Dennis Rodman in North Korea.

Curtis Sittenfeld, whose new book is a reimagining of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is in trouble for suggesting in an interview that "most romances are badly written."