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The Washington Post's pay gap

Leanne Shapton

Delightful news: The Washington Post’s union has analyzed its members’ salaries and found that among reporters, men make an average of $7,000 more than women, and among columnists, the gap is $23,000. If you’re an editorial assistant there, being male will get you an extra $7,000, too. What’s more, The Cut notes, “assistant editors who identify as people of color make about 15 percent less than their white counterparts.”

Tonight, writer and artist Leanne Shapton will read from her book Swimming Studies at McNally Jackson, followed by a reception nearby at which the paintings reproduced in the book will be on view.

New York magazine has named journalist Jen Chaney, author of As If: The Complete Oral History of Clueless, Vulture’s new TV critic.

The New York Times has spoken with current and former staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, where “at least a dozen journalists have quit, been fired or made plans to leave soon” in the turbulent months since casino billionaire and major GOP donor Sheldon Adelson took it over. One of them described how “every day I was being asked to do things that made me feel uncomfortable—that took me farther away from doing what I would consider quality journalism and more into the realm of presenting things in tune with the owner’s other interests.” Another, who has just left after eleven years at the paper, notes that staying in her job any longer made her fear she was “going to cross a line I didn’t know existed.” On the other hand, the Times reports that Adelson’s money has allowed the paper to upgrade its videography equipment, fix a broken sewer pipe, and even invest in some drones to use for its news coverage.