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Tom DeLay now a columnist; the Awl hires new editors

Matt Buchanan

The Awl has hired two editors—John Herrman, who currently works at Buzzfeed, and Matt Buchanan, who currently works at the New Yorker—to run the site. “We'll introduce them in more detail down the road, but they're really lovely, thoughtful, curious and smart—and also they're total weirdos.”

Tom DeLay, the former House Majority Leader, has been hired as a columnist by the Washington Times.

Listen to Jennifer Egan read Mary Gaitskill's story "The Other Place" in this month's New Yorker fiction podcast. Brian Eno has put together a reading list of his "20 Essential Books for sustaining civilization." Along with War and Peace is The Illustrated Flora of Britain and Northern Europe.

For the first time in almost 20 years, Calvin & Hobbes creator, Bill Watterson, has drawn a new cartoon. Web cartoonist Dave Kellett commissioned Waterson to draw the poster art for Stripped, his forthcoming comics documentary; "Dave sent me a rough cut of the film and I dusted the cobwebs off my ink bottle," said Watterson.

The Tribeca Film Festival announced the first half of its 2014 lineup on Tuesday, including Nancy Kates's in-depth documentary Regarding Susan Sontag.