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Tonight: Jessica Hopper in Conversation with Carvell Wallace

Jessica Hopper

At The Cut, Molly Fischer considers the factors that helped inspire a new literary genre: the email newsletter.

The pandemic has been particularly hard on the careers of writers, who already had been facing increasing economic hardships before the events of 2020. Steve Borchert looks at how a twenty-first-century Federal Writers’ Project, inspired by the New Deal’s arts initiatives, would work: “Instead of hiring impoverished writers directly—as the Depression-era F.W.P. did—the new program would empower the Department of Labor to disburse $60 million in grants to an array of recipients, from academic institutions to nonprofit literary organizations, newsrooms, libraries, and communications unions and guilds.” The plan has support from PEN America, the Authors Guild, and the Modern Language Association.

Publishers Weekly highlights ten new “writers to watch.”

On the Film Comment podcast, A.S. Hamrah, the author of The Earth Dies Streaming, discusses the thirteen films that he believes best capture America.

A new film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will take place on Fire Island.

Tonight at 7pm Eastern time, Jessica Hopper and Carvell Wallace will discuss the new edition of Hopper’s The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic.