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Tonight: Miriam Toews discusses her new novel

Miriam Toews

In Jacobin, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar argues that Kyrie Irving, in his refusal to be vaccinated, shows an unacceptable “lack of regard” for Black lives and the welfare of the NBA. Irving, Abdul-Jabbar writes, “continues to reject the expertise of prominent immunologists without reason, contributing to vaccine hesitancy among people in the Black community, who are dying at twice the rate of white people.”

Cold War historian Martin J. Sherwin, who won the Pulitzer for cowriting American Prometheus, the biography of Manhattan Project director J. Robert Oppenheimer, has died.

Publishers Weekly has assembled a list of “writers to watch” this fall.

Poet Sonia Sanchez has won the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize, which is awarded to an artist who has “pushed the boundaries of an art form, contributed to social change and paved the way for the next generation.” The award comes with $250,000.

Simon and Schuster imprint Scout has purchased Swedish journalist Jens Liljestrand’s novel Even If Everything Ends, which was “the book of the Frankfurt Book Fair season” and has, to date, sold in eighteen countries. Everything Ends, Scout said, captures the climate crisis by showing “how the struggles of ordinary people go on even as the world as we know it is coming to an end.”

In a virtual event that takes place tonight at 7pm Eastern time, Miriam Toews will discuss her new novel, Fight Night, with journalist Cheryl Sucher.