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Tori Amos writing memoir; Lindy West on preaching to the choir

Lindy West. Photo: Jenny Jimenez

Tori Amos is writing a memoir, Entertainment Weekly reports. Resistance: A Songwriter’s Story of Hope, Change, and Courage employs “her most personal and powerful songs, using her writing process and her lyrics, to demonstrate how readers can try to steer the world back in the right direction.” The memoir will be published next May by Atria Books.

“I don’t feel any kind of qualms about preaching to the choir,” Lindy West tells Longreads about her new book, The Witches Are Coming. “I get accused of that a lot and I’m like, great, the choir is who shows up every week. And we have a lot of shit to do and if the choir is feeling despair and doesn’t know what to do with themselves, I have some ideas for them and I would like them to feel energized and galvanized and I would like them to not feel hopeless.”

Writers are questioning the Paris Review’s decision to give the Hadada prize to Richard Ford, The Guardian reports. Ford has been known for his aggressive responses to negative reviews of his books, including spitting on one reviewer and shooting a hole through a book and mailing it to another.

For Columbia Journalism Review, Tiffany Stevens debunks the notion that “nothing disappears on the internet” by looking at a number of publications whose archives were taken down after being sold.

At the New Yorker, Louisa Thomas wonders why the parent companies of publications like Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN are so focused on keeping them from publishing about anything other than sports. “Sports are played by real people, and organized by real people, and watched by real people, and they are influenced by vast sums of real money,” she writes. “There is something dehumanizing to pretend otherwise, and the best sportswriters have always realized that it takes nothing from the joy of watching people play a game to point that out.” Paul Maidement, the G/O Media editorial director who told Deadspin writers to “stick to sports,” has resigned, Vice reports.