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Truman Capote's juvenilia; Marlon James Day

Marlon James

For those who couldn’t bear to watch, CNN names “winners and losers” in last night’s Republican presidential debate.

In the age of the internet, your juvenilia often comes back to haunt you. So you’re well placed to sympathize with Truman Capote, whose stories for his high-school newspaper, after languishing for years in the archives of the New York Public Library, are now reappearing for all to see.

A bit of glory for writers is always welcome: You may not have known, but yesterday was proclaimed Marlon James Day by both the mayor of Minneapolis and the governor of Minnesota, in honor of the Booker-winning novelist who usually teaches there, at Macalester College.

And Gawker is once more offering to help freelance writers take revenge on publications who have failed to cough up the money they owe them.

Writers are sticking up for other people, too: after the New York Times stopped crediting anyone but directors, writers, and cast members in its theater reviews (leaving set and costume designers and the rest out in the cold), a group of eighty playwrights, including Tony Kushner, Tracy Letts, Sarah Ruhl, Annie Baker, and John Guare, wrote to ask them to reconsider.