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Trump meets with Conde Nast; Amazon bookstore to open in Manhattan

Today, Donald Trump will meet with a group of Conde Nast editorial leaders, including Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter. Carter has been publicly poking fun at the real-estate mogul since at least 1988, when he called him a “short-fingered vulgarian” in SPY magazine, and Trump has retaliated on Twitter, calling Carter, among other things, a “dummy.” Neither Trump’s spokespeople or Conde Nast have commented on the purpose of the meeting.

Novelist and memoirist Rachel Cusk talks about what she’s reading and how being a memoirist is like being a mother: “A parent can create a complex and instructive ‘self’ for the child, and it can be distressing when the ‘real,’ flawed self breaks through. The really good memoirist can incorporate these losses of control into the picture.” Asked what moves her in a work of literature, Cusk answers with a memorable phrase: “The tremendous effort of exactitude. “

Amazon has announced its plan to open a bookstore in Manhattan. The four-thousand-square-foot shop will be located at the Time Warner Center at the southern end of Central Park. 

Elle has posted a list of this year’s twenty-five “most-anticipated books by women.” Entries include new works by Catherine Lacey, Jami Attenberg, Joyce Carol Oates, and Samantha Schweblin.

Yesterday, the Washington Post magazine Express published a cover story about the upcoming women’s march in Washington DC, an inauguration weekend protest planned for January 21st. The cover image, shot from above, was supposed to show a group of people forming a powerful symbol of solidarity, but the result sent a confused message about gender relations: The crowd is aligning themselves into the male gender symbol rather than the female symbol. The magazine tweeted that they were “very embarrassed” and apologized for the mistake. At Jezebel, Aimée Lutkin writes, “One wonders if there are no women in the Express newsroom or, if there are, were they either unfamiliar with the gender symbols or simply curious to see how it would all play out?”