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Tsarnaev speaks

The full statement by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, sentenced to death yesterday, can be read at the Boston Globe.

Politico asks why David Bradley, owner of the Atlantic Media Company, decided to cooperate with the competition on the story of his long efforts to help find American hostages taken in Syria—the long and absorbing report by Lawrence Wright appeared yesterday in the New Yorker, and should be read: Among other things, it is full of salutary details about the way US government agencies work (or don't work) in these situations.

If you have not yet heard about the forthcoming film of Djuna Barnes's Ladies Almanack, due out early next year and starring (as if in a dream) the poet Eileen Myles as Monique Wittig and the great Hélène Cixous as herself, you can read an interview with the director here.

Tonight at Albertine (972 Fifth Avenue), the Feminist Press will be celebrating the publication of Thérèse and Isabelle, a vivid account of a love affair between two schoolgirls by the French novelist Violette Leduc, written in mid-century but only now available here in full, uncensored form. Simone de Beauvoir admired it hugely but apparently told Nelson Algren it wouldn’t get published—it was “a story of lesbian sexuality as crude as anything by Genet.” There will be a discussion between Amber Dawn, Dia Felix, and Melissa Febos, and it will be free in every sense.