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Vice Media considering an IPO next year

Laura Kipnis

Vice Media may explore an initial public offering next year after a “deal spree.” Two funds recently invested $250 million each in the company. “This is the birth of the next big media brand,” said CEO Shane Smith.

James Patterson just gave away the third and final round of donations to independent bookstores across the country. He spent more than a million dollars this year helping out 187 bookstores with children’s book sections. The figure is pocket change for Patterson, who made ninety million last year, according to a Vanity Fair profile. The “relentless writing machine” has 130 titles to his name, and has sold more books than anyone in the world. In 2013, one out of every twenty-six books sold was written by him (and one of his crew of co-writers).

A New York magazine story about a high school kid, Mohammed Islam, who made a killing on the stock market is simply not true, according to said investment wiz, who is very sorry for lying about it. New York is feeling sorry too: “We were duped. Our fact-checking process was obviously inadequate.”

Tonight at the French Institute Alliance Française in New York, Laura Kipnis will introduce a screening of Francois Truffaut’s 1977 film The Man Who Loved Women, the story of an irrepressible lothario, the kind of creepy-cool male obsessive who’d be very much at home in Kipnis’s new book, Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation (Kipnis will sign copies after the movie)Read Kerry Howley's review here.