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What do freelancers make?

Erica Jong

If you were wondering who’d come off better in a disagreement on feminism between Erica Jong and Roxane Gay, here’s your answer.

It seems Gawker Media will let you get away with saying almost anything on its sites, as long as you’re not paying to do so. Vox reports that Jezebel’s advertising team recently refused to run an ad in support of abortion rights, saying: "While Jezebel’s editorial content is very feminist, our advertising management team tends to be more conservative on the advertising we can accept." Vox notes “a certain irony” in the idea of a website that will “run controversial content for free, but paid advertising is a different story.”

At the Awl, Noah Davis goes into great detail about how much freelance writers are really getting paid online. He even includes a whole paragraph on the deal he negotiated with the editors for this particular piece: As a “one-off experiment, the Awl ultimately counter-proposed a base rate of two hundred dollars plus an additional dollar per thousand pageviews, which I accepted. (The piece will be updated with the results in a month.) You have to bet on yourself. No one else will.”

John McPhee has an essay in the New Yorker about the pains of being edited and the importance of leaving things out.

Tribune Publishing, which owns the Los Angeles Times, has just fired the paper’s publisher and chief executive, Austin Beutner.

No rest for those who have a new book to promote—even when they’re still trapped in the Ecuadorean embassy.

Greg Grandin will be at BookCourt tonight to discuss his new book on Henry Kissinger’s legacy.