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Writers at the movies

Ernest Hemingway

Efforts to make the writing life look more action-packed than it really is are not new, but that shouldn’t prevent anyone from enjoying the trailer for Papa: Hemingway in Cuba, which, incidentally, is being billed as the first American film to be shot in Cuba since the revolution.

Gawker, after being ordered last week to pay Hulk Hogan $115 million—considerably more than the media company is worth—asked for mercy and got hit with an extra $25 million in punitive damages instead.

Jim Rutenberg, the New York Times’s new media columnist, stepping into the formidable shoes of the late David Carr (“PS,” Rutenberg writes, “they feel OK, will take a little getting used to”), got started this week by examining the Trumping of the news.

The Chronicle of Higher Education surveys a growing trend in literary studies for “cli-fi”—climate-change fiction.

You may imagine that Amazon only makes traditional publishers and bookstore owners quake (and maybe the odd employee), but it is branching out: It now employs more than sixty lobbyists, who are making an enthusiastic “drone push” in Washington, and has become a big government contractor with a deal on cloud computing for the CIA. 

Matter, the online publication that won a National Magazine Award for its reporting this year, is relaunching itself as an independent media company.

And BuzzFeed is launching a new literary wing, beginning with a piece in praise of feeling like a fraud by poet and essayist Melissa Broder, an excerpt from Helen Oyeyemi’s new story collection, and “Bullet Points,” a poem on police brutality by Jericho Brown.