Summer 1994


John Rajchman on What is Philosophy?, by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

David Rimanelli on Andy Warhol: Portraits of the Seventies and Eighties, by Henry Geldzahler and Robert Rosenblum

Vince Leo on The Americans, by Robert Frank

Sarah Vowell on Sacred Space, by Tom Rankin

Barry Schwabsky on The Phantom Empire, by Geoffrey O'Brien

J. Hoberman on Stalinism and Soviet Cinema, ed. Richard Taylor and Derek Spring

David Rimanelli on Lesson of Darkness, by Sam Francis and Jean-Francois Lyotard

John Welchman on The Blurring of Art and Life, by Allan Kaprow

Keith Moxey on The Origin of Perspective, by Hubert C. Damisch

Dennis Cooper on The Perfect Childhood, by Larry Clark

Justin Spring on One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop

Michael Moon on Bodies That Matter, by Judith Butler, Queeries, ed. Dennis Denisoff, Homographesis, by Lee Edelman, Queer Looks, ed. Martha Gever et al., and Fear of a Queer Planet, ed. Michael Warner

David Carrier on History and Its Images, by Francis Haskell, and Past-Present, by Irvin Lavin

bell hooks on A Certain Lack of Coherence, by Jimmie Durham

Marek Bartelik on Magdalena Abakanowicz, by Barbara Rose

Norine Dworkin on On Edge, by C. Carr, Greeenwich Village 1963, by Sally Banes, and Stories from the Nerve Bible, by Laurie Anderson

Thyrza Nichols-Goodeve on Violent Persuasions, ed. David J. Brown and Robert Merrill, and The Politics of Everyday Fear, ed. Brian Massumi

Brook Adams on Visions of the Modern, by John Golding

John Ash on The Spirit of Abstract Expressionism, by Elaine de Kooning

Arthur C. Danto on A Pitch of Philosophy, by Stanley Cavell

Peter Plagens on Inside the Art World, by Barbaralee Diamonstein

Rhonda Lieberman on Philosophers, by Steve Pike, and Arthur Elgort's Models Manual

Douglas Coupland on Real Gone, by Jim Lewis and Jack Pierson

bell hooks on The Ice Opinion, by Ice T

Benjamin Weissman on Mondo Elvis, ed. Lucinda Ebersole and Richard Peabody

Andrew Hultkrans on Rotten, by John Lydon, and Punk Diary: 1970-1979, by George Gimarc

Wayne Koestenbaum on Joseph's Cornell's Theater of the Mind, ed. Mary Ann Caws

Robert Rosenblum on C. F. Hill, by Georg Baselitz

David Rimanelli on Francis Bacon: In Conversation with Michael Archimbaud

Lee Smith on How I Wrote Certain of My Books, by Raymond Roussel, and In the Scissors' Courtyard, by Trevor Winkfield

Louise Bourgeois on Collecting, by Werner Muensterberger

Richard Flood on The Persistence of Memory, by Meredith Etherington-Smith, Salvador Dali, by Rober Descharnes, Gilles Neret, Salvador Dali, by Ralf Michler and Lutz W. Lopsinger, and Dali's Mustache, by Salvador Dali

bell hooks on Remote Control, by Barbara Kruger

Carol Squiers on Evidence 1944-1994: Richard Avedon, ed. Mary Shanahan