Apr/May 2005


James Gibbons on Uwe Timm's In My Brother's Shadow: A Life and Death in the SS


Paul Maliszewski on Michael Chabon and the Holocaust

Robert Lowell, from The Letters of Robert Lowell

Virginia Rutledge: Creative License

James Surowiecki: A Fan's Notes

Tom Nawrocki talks with Ralph Steadman

Robert Polito: Shooting the Piano Player

Andrew Hultkrans on wrestling with the truth

Bookforum talks with A. L. Kennedy

Jonathan Raymond on Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Jay Jennings on Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

Darcy Cosper on Amy Hempel's The Dog of the Marriage

Vince Passaro on Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore

Bruce Bawer on Guy Davenport (1927–2005)

Amanda Schaffer on Martha Cooley's Thirty-Three Swoons

John Banville on Michel Houellebecq and H. P. Lovecraft

Michael Pye on Dan Sleigh's Islands

Greg Bottoms on Damon Galgut's The Good Doctor and The Quarry

David Farber on Janet Afary and Kevin B. Anderson's Foucault and the Iranian Revolution: Gender and the Seductions of Islamism

Emilie Bickerton on Pascale Casanova's The World Republic of Letters

Michael Roth on Martin Jay's Songs of Experience: Modern American and European Variations on a Universal Theme

Tom Vanderbilt on Meredith L. Clausen's The Pan Am Building and the Shattering of the Modernist Dream

Rhonda Lieberman on Emily D. Bilski and Emily Braun's Jewish Women and Their Salons: The Power of Conversation

David Rimanelli on John Ruskin's Praeterita

Michael O’Donnell on Philip Short's Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare

Christopher Cardozo, Edward S. Curtis: The Women

Bonnie Yochelson, Esther Bubley: On Assignment

Janet Bishop et al., Robert Bechtle: A Retrospective

Ingrid Schaffner, Accumulated Vision: Barry Le Va

Gordana Fontana Giusti and Patrick Schumacher, eds., Zaha Hadid

Radhika Jones on Marc Estrin's The Education of Arnold Hitler

Martha Kinney on Ander Monson's Other Electricities

Marcela Valdes on Emmanuel Dongala's Johnny Mad Dog

Harvey Pekar on Alex Baladi's Frankenstein Now and Forever

Oliver Broudy on Rana Dasgupta's Tokyo Cancelled

Suzan Sherman on Yona Zeldis McDonough's In Dahlia's Wake

Cynthia Hyla Whittaker on Julie A. Buckler's Mapping St. Petersburg: Imperial Text and Cityshape

Rubén Martínez on Héctor Tobar's Translation Nation: American Identity in the Spanish-Speaking United States

Dan Adler on J. M. Mancini's Pre-Modernism: Art-World Change and American Culture from the Civil War to the Armory Show

Carol Brightman on M. G. Lord's Astro Turf: The Private Life of Rocket Science