June/July/Aug/Sept 2005


Noah Isenberg on the bombing of Dresden

Mark M. Anderson on the history of German literature

Thomas Laqueur on sex after fascism

Dagmar Barnouw on Siegfried Kracauer

James Gibbons on William T. Vollmann

Gerald Howard on Gravity's Rainbow

Rick Moody on The Crying of Lot 49

Marisa Bowe profiles Joe Sacco

James Surowiecki: A Fan's Notes

Robert Polito: Shooting the Piano Player

Leigh E. Schmidt on Perry Miller’s Jonathan Edwards and Philip F. Gura’s Jonathan Edwards: America’s Evangelical

John Cornwell on Garry O’Connor’s Universal Father: A Life of John Paul II

Gordon Marino on Joakim Garff’s Søren Kierkegaard: A Biography and Søren Kierkegaard’s Training in Christianity

Charlotte Taylor on John Haffenden’s William Empson: Volume I: Among the Mandarins

Bookforum talks with Kathryn Harrison