Fall/Winter 1995


Peter Plagens on Frank Stella: An Illustrated Biography, by Sidney Guberman

Francis M. Naumann on A Boatload of Madmen: Surrealism and the American Avant-Garde 1920-1950, by Dickran Tashjian

Arthur C. Danto on Diderot on Art: Salon of 1765 and Notes on Painting, vol. I, and Salon of 1767, vol. II, by Denis Diderot. Trans. and notes by John Goodman

Bruce Hainley on Man Ray, 1890-1976, with texts by Man Ray and Andre Breton

Lisa Liebmann on Air: 24 Hours/Jennifer Bartlett, by Deborah Eisenberg, and Chuck Close/Life and Work 1988-1955, by John Guare

Douglas Coupland on Adult Comedy Action Drama, by Richard Prince

Collier Schorr on Bunny's Honeys: Bunny Yeager, Queen of Pin-up Photography, by Bunny Yeager

Rhonda Lieberman on The Beauty Trip, by Ken Siman

Guy Trebay on Icons, by Dobie Kazanjian

Nan Goldin on Untitled, by Diane Arbus

Richard Martin on Men in Black, by John Harvey

Richard Flood on Hitchcock on Hitchcock: Selected Writings and Interviews, ed. Sidney Gottlieb

Andrew Solomon on George Costakis: A Russian Life in Art, by Peter Roberts, and The Ransom of Russian Art, by John McPhee

David Frankel on Stuck Rubber Baby, by Howard Cruse

David Carrier on Richard Deacon, by Jon Thompson, Pier Luigi Tazzi, and Peter Schjeldahl; Jimmie Durham, by Laura Mulvey, Dirk Snauwaert, and Mark Alice Durant; Antony Gormley, by John Hutchison, E. H. Gombrich, and Lela B. Njatin; Jessica Stockholder, by Barry Schwabsky, Lynne Tillman, and Lynne Cooke

Norman Bryson on To Destroy Painting, by Louis Marin

Thelma Golden on But Is It Art?: The Spirit of Art as Activism, by Nina Felshin, Believing Is Seeing: Creating the Culture of Art, by Mary Anne Staniszewski, Finding Art's Place: Experiments in Contemporary Education and Culture, by Nicholas Paley, Whose Art Is It?, by Jane Kramer

Anders Stephanson on Twilight Memories: Marking Time in a Culture of Amnesia, by Andreas Huyssen