Dec/Jan 2006


Verlyn Klinkenborg on Ellen Meloy

James Gibbons on Georges Perec

Hazel Rowley on Richard Wright

William H. Gass

Amanda Schaffer on Thomas McMahon

Science in the kitchen; hip-hop and hustling in Queens; The Elements of Style in lyrics; Q&A with Pamela Des Barres

George M. Marsden on Christian fundamentalism since the 1970s

Focus: New York

David Rimanelli on Lytton Strachey

Michael Tolkin on Rick Moody’s The Diviners

Paul Maliszewski on Michael Martone’s Unconventions: Attempting the Art of Craft and the Craft of Art and Michael Martone

Jenifer Berman on Kathryn Davis’s The Thin Place

Marjorie Perloff on Elias Canetti’s Party in the Blitz: The English Years

Geoffrey O’Brien on Oakley Hall’s Warlock

Rebecca Reich on Kornei Chukovsky’s Diary, 1901–1969

Jon Raymond on James Meek’s The People’s Act of Love

Emily Barton on Sesshu Foster’s Atomik Aztex

Marcela Valdes on Joanna Scott’s Liberation

Scott McLemee on Roland Barthes’s The Neutral: Lecture Course at the Collège de France (1977–1978)

Nico Israel on Jacques Derrida’s Paper Machine

Clare Cavanagh on Czeslaw Milosz’s Legends of Modernity: Essays and Letters from Occupied Poland, 1942–1943

Stephanie Hanson on Mike Heffley’s Northern Sun, Southern Moon: Europe’s Reinvention of Jazz, George McKay’s Circular Breathing: The Cultural Politics of Jazz in Britain, and Mike Zwerin’s The Parisian Jazz Chronicles: An Improvisational Memoir

Kate Bolick on Paula Fox’s The Coldest Winter: A Stringer in Liberated Europe

David Rosand on Erwin Panofsky’s The Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer

Joy Connolly on The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition

William H. Beezley on Claudio Lomnitz’s Death and the Idea of Mexico

David Yaffe on Eric J. Sundquist’s Strangers in the Land: Blacks, Jews, Post-Holocaust America

Julia Bryan-Wilson on Shades of Black: Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain, Kerry James Marshall: One True Thing, Meditations on Black Aesthetics, and Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art Since 1970

Richard Meyer on Coco Fusco and Brian Wallis’s Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self

Francine Weiss on Marian Wardle’s American Women Modernists: The Legacy of Robert Henri, 1910–1945

Darcy Cosper on Jenefer Shute’s User I.D.

Paul Grimstad on Maurice G. Dantec’s Babylon Babies

Douglas Mullins on John Barth’s Where Three Roads Meet

Martha Kinney on Stacey Levine’s Frances Johnson

Dale Smith on David Meltzer’s David’s Copy: The Selected Poems of David Meltzer

Harvey Pekar on Aidan Higgins’s Scenes from a Receding Past

Bruce Sterling on Daniel H. Wilson’s How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion

Martha Schwendener on John Updike’s Still Looking: Essays on American Art

Liz Brown on Darlene Harbour Unrue’s Katherine Anne Porter: The Life of an Artist

Frank O’Hara, In Memory of My Feelings

Slim Aarons, A Place in the Sun

Bookforum talks with Vikram Seth