Summer 1997


Peter Plagens on The Fate of a Gesture: Jackson Pollock and Postwar American Art by Carter Ratcliff

Howard Hampton on Movies as Politics, by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Gary Indiana on Sirk on Sirk, edited by Jon Halliday

Mary Gaitskill on Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes, by Greil Marcus

Lisa Liebmann on Francis Bacon: Anatomy of an Enigma, by Michael Peppiatt

Dennis Cooper on Ask Dr. Mueller, by Cookie Mueller

Richard Shone on Lucian Freud, edited by Bruce Bernard and Derek Birdsall

Arthur C. Danto on The Absolute Artist: The Historiography of a Concept, by Catherine M. Soussloff

Lydia Davis on Joan Mitchell, by Klaus Kertess

Richard Howard on Largesse, by Jean Starobinski

Lee Smith on The Road That Is Not a Road, and the Open City, Ritoque, Chile, by Ann M. Pendleton-Jullian

Rosalind E. Krauss on The Muses, by Jean-Luc Nancy

Jean Fisher on Adrian Piper: Out of Order, Out of Sight, by Adrian Piper

Peter Plagens on When the Sons of Heaven Meet the Daughters of the Earth, by Fernanda Eberstadt

Nancy Princenthal on To Place: Haraldsdóttir, by Roni Horn; The Lonely Life, by Jack Pierson; Cartoon Hits, by Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio; Dirt: The Essence of Celebrity, by Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio; Auf dem Dach/On the Roof, by Ilya Kabakov

Michael Muston on Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood, by Lauren Greenfield