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  • print • Sept/Oct/Nov 2016

    Still Bill

    Joe Conason’s biography of Bill Clinton • Tom Carson

    ... Painter of Modern Life in an eyeblink. As usual, though, Bill Clinton is sui generis, comparable only to Teddy Roosevelt in his outsize presence and ongoing political impact sixteen years after his...

  • papertrail • May 09, 2017

    Curtis Sittenfeld announces novel about Hillary Clinton; Paul Berman on blackmail

    ...Bill Clinton and James Patterson are celebrates the release of his new book, Games and Stunts....

  • papertrail • August 27, 2012

    Aug 27, 2012 @ 12:12:00 am

    ... New York Times reports. For $499, Rutherford will of Hilary Mantel’s novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies in late 2013. Bill Clinton has become a somewhat prolific book blurber, giving...

  • papertrail • April 20, 2017

    Elif Shafak on Turkey's referendum; Conservatives object to "Communism for Kids"

    ...Co-owner of Washington, DC’s Politics & Prose Bookstore and former Hillary Clinton speechwriter Lissa Muscatine will write |

  • papertrail • May 11, 2017

    Hillary Clinton to appear at BEA; Chris Kraus's new book

    ...Book Expo America—the publishing-world convention that will take place this year in New York City May 31 through June 2—has announced that Hillary Clinton will appear on its main stage on...

  • papertrail • October 16, 2017

    The NYT's new social-media policy; Bill Clinton to present literary award

    Richard Wilbur—who won two Pulitzer Prizes and a National Book Award and served as the second US Poet Laureate—has died at age ninety-six. In 1957, the poet and critic

  • culture • June 02, 2011

    Scofflaws, Elected or Otherwise

    Chris Lehmann

    ...n the long-ago epoch when Bill Clinton made a credible-sounding populist run at the presidency, he hymned the American dream as a compact securing a better future for those who “worked hard and...

  • papertrail • May 09, 2012

    May 9, 2012 @ 4:00:00 am

    ...David Maraniss, the biographer who has chronicled the lives of Bill Clinton, Roberto Clemente, and Vince Lombardi, among others, turns his attention to President Obama in a forthcoming biography...

  • papertrail • February 08, 2016

    Megyn Kelly's memoir; the last days of St Mark's Bookshop

    ...In an interview with Bill Maher on Friday, author Gloria Steinem, who is pro–Hillary Clinton, implied that women who support Bernie Sanders are just trying to meet men. “When you’re young, you...

  • papertrail • September 13, 2016

    Ahmet Altan arrested in Turkey; Bill Maher wins PEN's First Amendment Award

    ..._anniversary_how_the_past_two_decades_will_shape_the_future.html?query=Hillary%20Clinton,%20Donald%20Trump&view=histogram to its website compared to the 2012 election. After sending staffers to both presidential conventions this summer, “its convention videos...