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  • print • Dec/Jan 2020

    New as Foam, Old as Rock

    The music criticism of Ian Penman • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... will not resemble NME or Twitter or the New York Times when the barrel turns over again. There is no map for music criticism. Never needed one. Never will. Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer and...

  • print • Sept/Oct/Nov 2019

    Blinded by the White

    Jess Row examines the ways race hides in writing • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... describing its avoidant orbit. But whiteness, the larger project, is based on invisibility, and at the end of White Flights, it’s still there, hiding in plain sight. Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer and...

  • print • Summer 2019

    File Under . . .

    Robert Caro’s dogged quest for facts • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... other figures of power who need their pages turned? Did Caro have to take his talents to Texas? Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer and musician living in the East Village. ...

  • print • Apr/May 2019

    The Story of the Eye

    Remembering critic and novelist John Berger • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... wings and gave him more time than most. In the meantime, there was much to do-so much seeing, so much talking. Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer living in the East Village. ...

  • print • Feb/Mar 2019

    The Reminder

    Mark Fisher’s utopian tendencies • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... to intensify. We still need Fisher’s promise. Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer and musician who lives in the East Village....

  • print • Apr/May 2018

    Of Infamous Women

    Rachel Kushner’s prison novel • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... it, she is as free as she ever is. It doesn’t last. Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer and musician from New York....

  • print • Sept/Oct/Nov 2017

    Two Mississippi

    Jesmyn Ward’s novel examines the scars of the South • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... learns something that everybody will want to know, whether or not they’ve been in prison and whether or not they ever get the chance to find out. Why did I die? Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer and...

  • print • Apr/May 2017

    Hammer Time

    The precise constructions of Mary Gaitskill’s nonfiction • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... when you hit some emotional math you'd probably rather round up to save time, Gaitskill won't let you. Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer and musician from Brooklyn....

  • print • Feb/Mar 2017

    Words Into Action

    What writers are reading now • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... expense of truth, whereas the moderns want a more lasting victory at the expense of reality." Sasha Frere-Jones is a critic living in Los Angeles....

  • print • Dec/Jan 2017

    Exile on All Streets

    An unnamed narrator flees a scandal in Zadie Smith’s novel • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... are your family, your lovers, your friends, and your partners. And there will be music. Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer living in Los Angeles....

  • print • June/July/Aug 2014

    Out-of-Office Message

    A dentist grapples with online harassment, and his soul, in Joshua Ferris’s new novel • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ...’Rourke’s hubris. Who can stop dialogue? A dentist, with his hands in a patient’s mouth, perhaps-but only in his office. Not in the desert of the Web, or the real. Sasha Frere...

  • print • Apr/May 2013

    Madness and Civilization

    Cabinet magazine rewrites the encyclopedia • Sasha Frere-Jones

    ... mountains, quietly redefining value, beyond the law. Sasha Frere-Jones is a staff writer at the New Yorker. ...