From PopMatters, a review of Hitchcock and Philosophy: Dial M for Metaphysics, ed. David Baggett and William A. Drumin. A review of Woody Allen: An Essay on the Nature of the Comical by Vittorio Hosle. Which New York–subculture films get the details right? From Nextbook, Brooklyn Follies: In Williamsburg! The Musical, Hasids and hipsters find common ground. The hipster doesn't exist. It's an imaginary scapegoat, a convenient target for our disapproval and ridicule. 

From The New York Observer, will Wallpaper founder’s new venture get burned? In the opinion of Tyler Brule, the ever-stylish Wallpaper founder, the suits are looking at today’s media landscape completely backwards. Why is Condé Nast's Portfolio so bad? Elizabeth Spiers investigates. The dark world of lads' mags: The worst crime of lad culture was it took old-fashioned chauvinism and served it up in the same format.

Land of the book-free: America's obsession with making money is turning reading into a minority interest in the US. Time to shelve the idea of libraries' decline: The popular notion that people don't want to borrow books any more is well overdue for revision. More Britons dream about becoming an author than any other job, according to a new poll. Sometimes, dreams should stay as just that. So you want to be a writer: They say everyone has a story, but how hard is it to get yours out onto the bookshop shelves? Clare Kermond talks to authors and publishing industry insiders about the tricks of the trade.

Michael Hogan (Sydney): Anti-political sentiment in contemporary liberal democracies. From ARPA, a review of The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away: Tax-welfare Churning and the Case for Welfare State Opt-Outs by Peter Saunders; and Cutting greenhouse emissions—What would we do if we really meant it? A review of Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy.

From New Statesman, still the lucky country: A special report on Australia. A review of Kevin Rudd: An Unauthorised Political Biography by Nicholas Stuart. Understanding Scoresgate: Don't dismiss the impacts of the Kevin Rudd stripper scandal too quickly. The man tipped as next Aussie prime minister was asked to leave a New York City strip club. It's a fact universally acknowledged that "Rudd and the strippers" is not the headline any aspiring prime minister wants to see splashed over the Sunday newspapers (and more). 

Children of the Enlightenment: It’s not surprising that the cultural warriors see schools — and particularly public schools — as the perfect battleground for their campaign. A river ran through it: The Murray is the lifeblood of Australia's farming country, a legendary river that thundered 1,500 miles from the Snowy Mountains to the Indian Ocean. Now, it's choking to death. A review of The Minefield: An Australian Tragedy in Vietnam by Greg Lockhart. A review of American Notebook: A Personal and Political Journey by Michael Gawenda. A review of Prince of the Church, Patrick Francis Moran by Philip Ayres.

From the Claremont Review, American public diplomacy is in disarray. We are not winning the war of ideas, and it is vitally important that we do, because in our war against the radical Islamists the final victory will take place not on the battlefield but in the minds of men. A review of Winning the Right War by Philip H. Gordon. A review of Preemption: A Knife That Cuts Both Ways by Alan Dershowitz. In the Sweep of History: Anatol Lieven on where realists and progressives can meet.

From American Diplomacy, After Iraq: Why conceding defeat would be good for American foreign policy. The Magnificent Seven: Soldiers pen a jaw-dropping NYT op-ed about the war in Iraq. Sir, Can I Publish This, Sir! Do soldiers have free speech rights? A review of Terror in the Balance: Security, Liberty, and the Courts by Eric A. Posner and Adrian Vermeule. A review of Arbitrary Justice and the Power of the American Prosecutor by Angela J. Davis.

Gummed-Up Gatekeepers: Despite years of attempted fixes, the process for getting a security clearance from Uncle Sam is tedious, slow, and antiquated. And evidence suggests that the background investigations aren't very thorough. Could a terrorist get hold of national secrets? Everything We Know About Security Is Wrong: So says counterterrorism contrarian Bruce Schneier. And the transportation security administration is listening.

From Boston Review, The Curse of Modernity: George Scialabba on Philip Rieff’s problem with freedom. D aron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson (MIT), James A. Robinson (Harvard) and Pierre Yared (Columbia): Reevaluating the Modernization Hypothesis. James H. Fowler (UCSD) and Cindy D. Kam (UC-Davis): Beyond the Self: Social Identity, Altruism, and Political Participation.

A review of The Truth About Leo Strauss: Political Philosophy and American Democracy by Catherine and Michael Zuckert. A review of The Chicago School: How The University of Chicago Assembled the Thinkers Who Revolutionized Economics and Business by Johan Van Overtveldt. More on Discover Your Inner Economist by Tyler Cowen. 

From the Canadian Journal of Sociology, a review of Russian Jews on Three Continents: Identity, Integration, and Conflict by Larissa Remennick; a review of The Intellectuals and the Flag by Todd Gitlin; and a review of Cultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitanism, Consumerism, and Television in a Neoliberal Age by Toby Miller.