Bill Bowring (Birkbeck): The Resurgence of Radical Conservatism in Russia. From TLS, a review essay on the paradoxes of Russian Orientalism. Putin is no apostle and Russia is not Europe. Irina Filatova on the lobster quadrille of Russian two-party politics. The politics of no alternatives; or, how power works in Russia: An interview with Gleb Pavlovsky. The Next Russian Revolution: Outside Moscow, the Kremlin is making plans for a Russian Silicon Valley, but while tech companies are on board, the Russian people are less enthusiastic. Exxon’s Russian Roulette: How can you turn $3.2 billion into $500 billion in a day? Pravda Will Set You Free: David Weigel on Russia's answer to Fox News and MSNBC. A review of Soviet Medicine: Culture, Practice, and Science. The introduction to Death and Redemption: The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society by Steven A. Barnes. The Gorbachev Files: Secret papers reveal the truth behind Soviet collapse (and an interview with Gorbachev). Foreign Policy presents a special report on the Soviet collapse two decades later — and why it matters now, in today’s revolutionary times. A review of The End of the Soviet Union? Origins and Legacies of 1991. In the past few years, the region of Pskov has become famous in Russia for two interconnected blights: moonshine and depopulation. The disappearing Russian family: Is there any nation as contrary in its demographics as Russia? How to marry a Russian man in three months: A shortage of men motivates some Russian women to become better lovers. Will the Russian language be in decline or on the rise by the year 2050?

Douglass C. North (WUSTL): Violence and Social Orders. Kevin J. Murphy (USC): The Politics of Pay: A Legislative History of Executive Compensation. From the new journal Pastoralism, Robin Bendrey (Reading): Some Like It Hot: Environmental Determinism and the Pastoral Economies of the Later Prehistoric Eurasian Steppe. The Smithsonian Life List: 43 places to see before you die. From THES, a review of The Quest for Mental Health: A Tale of Science, Medicine, Scandal, Sorrow and Mass Society by Ian Dowbiggin; and a review of Putting a Name to It: Diagnosis in Contemporary Society by Annemarie Goldstein Jutel. The science of rioting: Is there a reason for the violence, and is there a solution? A review of Free Will: A Guide for the Perplexed by T. J. Mawson. From Prospect, a new exhibition signals the end of postmodernism, but what was it, and what comes next? The decade that won't die: Nirvana, "all that," Harrison Ford, double-breasted suits, they're all back from the '90s, and as prevalent as ever — but why? X-Rated Ethics: Socially sustainable sex could save the economy, the environment, and our society. From Hilobrow, a series of posts about P-Funk's Afrofuturism. To judge from its critical reception, David Mamet's The Secret Knowledge is not only a bad book but possibly an evil one. Why would anyone go into politics? It’s not money or power that gets people to run; it’s the need to be popular — with the huge U.S. debt to be dealt with, even that reason no longer makes sense. A review of Believing Bullshit: How Not to Get Sucked Into an Intellectual Black Hole by Stephen Law. The Reactionary Imagination: Behind the crass reactionary propaganda produced by right-wing institutions like the now defunct News of the World lies a deeper systematic failure shared by the liberal media institutions.

Peter J. Spiro (Temple): The End of Olympic Nationality. Curtis Fogel (Lakehead): Sporting Masculinity on the Gridiron: Construction, Characteristics and Consequences. From The Point, a symposium: What is sport for? From The Atlantic Monthly, a cover story on The Shame of College Sports: College quarterbacks are denounced for partying with agents or trading autographs for tattoos, but the real scandal is the NCAA’s fundamentally unjust concept of amateurism. Has over-competitiveness and professionalism in sport ruined the experience for both fans and players, asks Dominic Hobson. Everybody who plays a sport for fun has encountered a Serious Guy. A look at what jock culture does to pukes like you. Gerald Marzorati on the fierce intimacy of tennis rivalries: Why they’re the most intense in all of sports. A review of Game, Set, Match: Billie Jean King and the Revolution in Women’s Sports by SusanWare. Nathaniel Grow (Georgia): In Defense of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption. How the cult of individualism is ruining baseball: A study suggests many fans would rather see a superstar break records than watch their team win the World Series. Get your own damn Man in White: Sign stealing, the Jays and so-called "cheating" in baseball. A review of A Level Playing Field: African-American Athletes and the Republic of Sports by Gerald L. Early. A review of Out of Left Field: Jews and Black Baseball by Rebecca Alpert (and an interview). Sports vs. Social Justice: Does Derek Jeter really deserve to earn millions of dollars? From Duke magazine, Bridget Booher on the economics, ethics, and excesses of the games we love. The crowd goes wild: The shrinking online distance between sports fans and their heroes. An interviews with the writers behind the new sports site The Classical. Adam Augustyn on the top 10 sports cliches to avoid at all costs.