Cass Sunstein (Harvard): Growing Outrage. Guardian drops Berliner failure for tabloid in redesign (and more). The sage of Burkittsville: Matthew Continetti on Charles Murray’s human accomplishment. An interview with Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders, founders of io9. Michael Wolff says that Washington will bury Trump. The frightening lessons from Hawaii’s false missile alert: The mistake exposed serious problems with both state and federal emergency-alert procedures, and the public response. “Frost boy” in China warms up the Internet, and stirs poverty debate. Paying a pornstar hush money would have ended any other presidency. Trump does more damage to himself than his opponents ever manage to do. George Orwell is a terrible role-model for an age that needs more serious people honestly grappling with complexity.

White racial resentment has been gaining political power for decades. Ed Kilgore on William Barber II and the MLK legacy of church-based activism. Will America choose King’s dream or Trump’s nightmare?

Trump’s fake news carries on the tradition of America’s king of hoaxes, P.T. Barnum. White House staff could be in trouble if they help Trump with fake news awards, says former WH lawyer. “He has the same embattled view as a typical Fox viewer”: Gabriel Sherman goes inside the feedback loop between the president and Fox News. How “Fox & Friends” rewrites Trump’s reality: Andrew Marantz on the thin fourth wall between the President and his TV. Should we be angry about Trump’s Twitter account, or the consolidation of nuclear power to a single elected position? Nausicaa Renner reviews Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump by Allen Frances and The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, ed. Bandy Lee.

The “genius” of Trump: What the president means when he touts his smarts. Trump speaks at fourth-grade level, lowest of last 15 U.S. presidents, new analysis finds. The President is not fit for office — all you can do about it is vote.

From Humanities, historians disagree about everything, or so it seems — including what to remember, what to teach, and much else. What makes someone a “real” American? 93% of Americans actually agree on this. Whose idea of America — Rauschenberg, Whitman, or Trump? Vaughn A. Booker on the false god of nationalism. Lynn Vavreck on the great political divide over American identity. America’s case of mistaken identity: Building a national identity may require offering special accommodations to diverse groups, including those we don’t agree with. To many Americans, being patriotic means being white. Diverse United States divided on symbols of patriotism. Your patriotism isn’t love, it’s blindness.

Carlo Ginzburg (UCLA): Civilization and Barbarism. Jeff Sessions is a hypocrite on states’ rights — but so is everyone else. Less news is good news: Facebook is stepping back from the news business — thank goodness (and more). The Great Awokening: What happens to culture in an era of identity politics? Hawaii false alarm hints at thin line between mishap and nuclear war. MLK now: Fifty years after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., canonization has prevented a reckoning with the substance of King’s intellectual, ethical, and political commitments. What’s bad news for coastlines can be good news for surfers. NSA’s top talent is leaving because of low pay, slumping morale and unpopular reorganization.

From the New Yorker, Jelani Cobb on tracing the racist roots of Donald Trump’s obscenities; and Doreen St. Felix on Trump’s fixation on Haiti, and the abiding fear of black self-determination. This is how ignorant you have to be to call Haiti a “shithole”. Trump’s profane description disregards Africa’s crucial role in making America a world power. John Jackson on Trump’s shithole logic. How Donald Trump put an end to the GOP’s Southern strategy: Trading the dog-whistle for the bullhorn. The heartbeat of racism is denial: What President Trump has in common with his supporters — and his opponents. Trump’s “shithole” comment confirms that we have a racist in the Oval Office.

“Shithole countries” is all about political correctness: Trump isn’t so much appealing to racism as he is telling people you’re not a racist. Trump’s “shithole country” remarks are right-wing political correctness run amok. Don’t let Trump’s vulgarity distract from his bigotry: From the Access Hollywood tape to the “shithole countries” comment, the problem isn’t the words, it’s the ideas. Trump’s racism is more than rhetoric — it forms policy and ruins lives. The problem isn’t just that Trump’s a racist — it’s that he keeps acting on his racism. Trump governs by prejudice, and not just the usual kind of prejudices. Trump puts the purpose of his presidency into words: The president’s remarks reflect a moral principle that has guided policy while in office, a principle obvious to all but that some refuse to articulate.

Trump epitomizes the personal failures he tries to pin on black folks: His racist attacks give us insight into his own shortcomings. The Potemkin shithole: Trump’s private, extemporaneous racist outbursts happen all the time, and most are being hidden from you. How Republicans normalized Donald Trump’s racism: Trump’s “shithole” moment was years in the making. Have they no sense of decency? In the “shithole era”, the Republican U.S. senators who object to the president’s vulgarity have a choice to make. Masha Gessen on how Donald Trump degrades us all.

How much more of Trump’s insanity are we willing to take? No one is coming to save us from Trump’s racism. There’s no way out: Trump’s presidency may be a dysfunctional disaster, but there’s no apparent way to end it. Paul Campos on tomorrow’s news today.

Jennifer Lee Koh (Western State): Anticipating Expansion, Committing to Resistance: Removal in the Shadows of Immigration Court under Trump. Internal emails show ICE agents struggling to substantiate Trump’s lies about immigrants. The invisible wall: How Trump is slowing immigration without laying a brick. Donald Trump’s real immigration policy: It’s not mass deportation, it’s not self-deportation, it’s something cheaper, and more insidious. Dara Lind on what “chain migration” really means — and why Donald Trump hates it so much. Family ties drive U.S. immigration: Why Trump wants to break the “chains”. Trump attacks protections for immigrants from “shithole” countries.

The Trump administration wants refugees to fit in or stay out: An obscure new policy would give priority to refugees who seem like they might “assimilate”. The Trump administration doesn’t believe in the global refugee crisis. The president’s extreme immigration powers: Trump is forcing hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants to leave the U.S. — and he can, thanks to Congress. The Rust Belt needs legal immigration: President Trump supports a plan that would halve the number of newcomers — and cut off the Midwest’s “demographic lifeline”. Trump wants to remove these immigrants — an ugly bit of history tells us what it could do to the economy.

From Labyrinth: An International Journal for Philosophy, Value Theory and Sociocultural Hermeneutics, a special issue on the Heretical Perspectives of Jan Patocka. President Trump’s new judicial nominee Thomas Farr is “moral poison”. Mapping the future: Cartography stages a comeback. David Hollinger on Protestant missionaries and immigrant Jews: Cosmopolitan allies. Not a revolution: Neda Semnani on making sense of the dissatisfaction in Iran. The other scary foreign hacking threat Trump is ignoring: Russia didn’t just meddle in the U.S. election — it’s trying to hack our critical infrastructure and Trump may be keeping Americans in the dark. Here are 10 reasons why 2018 will make 2017 seem tame. “Keeping the government open and paying its bills is all we’re going to get this year. Given the most likely alternatives, I can live with that”.

#MeToo has been almost 200 years in the making: Jane Marcellus on how the mistreatment of women in the workplace got to be so bad. Academia’s “Shitty Men” list has around 2,000 entries detailing sexual misconduct at universities. Why Wall Street hasn’t had its #MeToo moment yet: Women in finance have been grabbed, humiliated, and propositioned but have kept quiet because of the industry’s culture, 20 interviews show. Alissa Wilkinson on why Woody Allen hasn’t been toppled by the #MeToo reckoning. Yohana Desta on how actresses allegedly blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein are making big comebacks: Mira Sorvino, Annabella Sciorra, and Rose McGowan are all landing plum television gigs.

Are men accused of harassment being denied their due process or are the victims? You don’t need a daughter to want a better world. Why did Catherine Deneuve and other prominent Frenchwomen denounce #MeToo? Publicly, we say #MeToo — privately, we have misgivings. #MeToo is not a witch hunt: America has a rich history of moral panics — this isn’t one.

The “Shitty Media Men” list, explained: How the argument over an anonymous spreadsheet encapsulates the debates of the post-Weinstein era. What happened to the creator of the “Shitty Media Men” list shows why the list was needed: Moira Donegan made the list so women could speak without being harassed — now she faces harassment. The backlash to #MeToo is second-wave feminism.

Will America ever have a #MeToo-style reckoning for racism? “Our history puts the ‘what counts as racism’ bar so high”.

Cyra Akila Choudhury (FIU): In the Shadow of Gaslight: Reflections on Identity, Diversity, and the Distribution of Power in the Academy. A call to abolish Greek life: It’s a hotbed of racism and sexism — why do we still support it? Universities have a sexual harassment problem — can they fix it? The instinct to protect each other: Eric Nelson interviews Vanessa Grigoriadis, author of Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power and Consent on Campus. The trolls of academe: WJT Mitchell on making safe spaces into brave spaces. Why “social justice warriors” are the true defenders of free speech and open debate: Critics misunderstand what makes for the best debates — and the best educated students.

Margaret H. Lemos and Guy-Uriel E. Charles (Duke): Patriotic Philanthropy? Financing the State with Gifts to Government. The decline of the New Criterion: John Ganz on how one of conservativism’s highest brows went all-in for Trump. Donald Trump, Davos Man: Why a supposed economic populist will fit right in at the annual conference for the ultra-elite. Steve Bannon in “denial” after he’s kicked out of Breitbart. White House admits it has zero evidence of voter fraud in 2016 election. Neurodiversity and the policing of the norm: Brad Evans interviews Erin Manning of Concordia University. White House official floated withdrawing U.S. forces to please Putin. American reams: Why a “paperless world” still hasn’t happened.

Confused Trump tricked by Fox News into opposing his own surveillance bill. Fox News could end this presidency tomorrow — but it doesn’t dare. Foreign spies are watching — and probably targeting — Fox News Channel.