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Andrea Long Chu on Celeste Ng’s latest and “mixed Asian novels”; Blair McClendon, Claire Denis, and more on Godard’s legacy

Celeste Ng. Photo: Kieran Kesner

As part of a special editorial package “At Home in Asian America: Who Are We Becoming?” in this week’s issue of New York magazine, Andrea Long Chu writes about Celeste Ng’s Our Missing Hearts and considers what it and other “mixed Asian novels” offer readers. For Chu, these are novels written by people who, like their main characters, “are of both white and East or Southeast Asian ancestry”; these characters tend to share “a gnawing uncertainty” about their race and what it means to them. “Asian America is not an idea for these authors,” Chu writes, “but a sensation, a mild, chronic homesickness; indeed, to read the mixed Asian novel will be to ask ourselves if Asian America can be anything but a kind of heartache.”

Film Comment deputy editors Devika Girish and Clinton Krute host a conversation in remembrance of Jean-Luc Godard with New Yorker film critic Richard Brody and filmmaker and critic Blair McClendon. And at the LRB Podcast, host Adam Shatz is joined by filmmaker Claire Denis and critic J. Hoberman to discuss Godard’s legacy and survey his work.

For the Yale Review, Brian Dillon offers a remembrance of Hilary Mantel which reminds readers that the novelist who was perhaps best known for her epic Thomas Cromwell trilogy also ought to be remembered for her “wisdom and flair . . . at the level of the sentence.” 

David Zwirner gallery has announced a partnership with The Drift magazine that will see the gallery become the publication’s lead funder. The gallery will host an annual gala for the magazine starting in spring 2023, and will be involved in collaborations like an interview with Barbara Kruger which will run in The Drift’s forthcoming fall issue. 

Bookforum is hosting a free online event on September 30th. “Sports Annotated,” will feature Lindsay Zoladz, Miranda Popkey, Ross Gay, and Thomas Beller discussing sports and literature. You can get your free tickets here and read our special section about sports in the summer issue.