Spring 2000


Blurbs and Vices: Geoff Dyer on writers on writers

Fiction Forecast by Jonathan Bing

First Novels by Paul West

Interview: Joyce Carol Oates talks with Mary Gaitskill

Influence Anxiety: Eileen Myles on Henry Miller

Market Bull: Thomas Frank on nobrow culture

Coffee Table: Barry Schwabsky and Andy Grundberg on new monographs

Greil Marcus on Plainsong, by Kent Haruf

Paul Berman on Gertrude and Claudius, by John Updike

Luc Sante on House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski

Mary Gaitskill on Blonde, by Joyce Carol Oates

Joy Williams on Blue Angel, by Francine Prose

Bill Broun on The Verificationist, by Donald Antrim

Craig Seligman on In the Gloaming: Stories, by Alice Elliott Dark

Peter Trachtenberg on Mr. Spaceman, by Robert Olen Butler

Irini Spanidou on On Parole, by Akira Yoshimura

Karl Wenclas on Sarah by J.T. LeRoy

Laura Miller on In America, by Susan Sontag

Francisco Goldman on Disgrace, by J.M. Coetzee

Kim Gordon on Nothing is Terrible, by Matthew Sharpe

Stephen Wright on Stanley Kubrick, Director: A Visual Analysis, by Alexander Walker, Sybil Taylor, and Ulrich Ruchti

Arthur C. Danto on The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Picasso, Provence, and Douglas Cooper, by John Richardson

Jerry Stahl on Conversations with Wilder, by Cameron Crowe

Howard Hampton on City on Fire: Hong Kong Cinema, by Lisa Odham Strokes and Michael Hoover

Christoph Cox on Exotica: Fabricated Soundscapes in a Real World, by David Toop

David Bowman on Art World, by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Peter Plagens on Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology, edited by Alexander Alberro and Blake Stimson; Two-Way Mirror Power: Selected Writings by Dan Graham on His Art, by Dan Graham, edited by Alexander Alberro; Object to Be Destroyed: The Work of Gordon Matta-Clark, by Pamela M. Lee

John Tytell on Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs, edited by James Grauerholz

Ronald Jones on Necklines: The Art of Jacques-Louis David after the Terror, by Ewa Lajer-Burcharth

Geoffrey O'Brien on Kurt Weill: A Life in Pictures and Documents, by David Farneth, with Elmar Juchem and Dave Stein

Daniel Kunitz on Fairfield Porter: A Life in Art, by Justin Spring

J. Hoberman on The eXile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia, by Mark Ames and Matt Taibbi

Erik Davis on Your Private Sky: R. Buckminster Fuller, The Art of Design Science, edited by Joachim Krausse and Claude Lichtenstein

Carlo McCormick on Leeteg of Tahiti: Paintings from the Villa Velour, by John Turner and Greg Escalante

A.S. Hamrah on The Sound Bite Society: Television and the American Mind, by Jeffrey Scheuer