Bookforum on Campus


Welcome to Bookforum on Campus.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious, and it's safe to assume that you're interested in literature, current affairs, and the arts. You probably need a little pocket money, too.

Perhaps money is the only reason you're here, but we tend to doubt it. Money is often what we sacrifice when we seek to gain knowledge. But, as anyone in the pursuit of knowledge knows, it's worth the price.

So, to help offset the sacrifices that you (and your parents!) are making, we've designed a program you can write home about. And while you're writing home, you might want to CC a few friends. And then, sell them all a subscription to Bookforum.

Subscriptions cost $18. Yet, for every subscription you sell, Bookforum will give you $10. Plus, in an effort to make it truly worthwhile, Bookforum is prepared to double your money. Sell 10 subscriptions and receive $200.