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  • papertrail • May 20, 2019

    Jeanette Winterson’s Modern-Day "Frankenstein"; Herman Wouk (1915–2019)

    ...overwhelming and sometimes tragic toll that fame, creative genius, and the demands of the music industry extracted from some of the most distinguished male icons of soul, including Marvin Gaye...

  • print • Dec/Jan 2019

    Artful Volumes

    The season’s outstanding art books.

    ... colossal musicians he was aiming his camera at-Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Stevie Wonder-feel at ease, resulting in vivacious, intimate pictures. Those genius performers and scores more...

  • print • June/July/Aug 2017

    Easy, Tiger

    On sex and husbands • Jesse Barron

    ... a “particularly delicious form of play”: >> We can carve out time for activities that facilitate the partner-lover transition. We can play the Marvin Gaye, open a bottle of wine, or replace...

  • print • Apr/May 2011

    Words to Live By

    Comic stories interrogate reality, history, and language itself • Michael Wood

    ... Family Resemblance,” “Save Me from the Pious and the Vengeful.” Some pieces feature inspired renditions of figures from pop culture and history, with characters including Clarence Thomas, Marvin Gaye...