Real death toll in Puerto Rico is probably 450 — much higher than official count. 4 out of 5 Puerto Ricans are still without power — but darkness is far from the island's biggest problem (and more). The unrelenting crisis in Puerto Rico is forcing people to drink dirty water. EPA steps in as Puerto Ricans grow desperate for clean drinking water. Connor Maxwell and Cathleen Kelly on 3 million reasons for environmental justice in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria has exposed and intensified the island’s ecological crisis and its human consequences — can it build a sustainable future? Devastation in Puerto Rico could produce a revolutionary power grid. Elon Musk and Richard Branson want to bring clean energy to Puerto Rico — it won’t be easy. Why thousands of people around the world are mapping Puerto Rico’s buildings and streets.

Here’s how New York City is preparing for Puerto Rican evacuees. Emily Atkin on Trump’s dangerous spin on Puerto Rico’s suffering. Trump can’t stop complaining about Puerto Rico — and it shows in his policies. Is racial bias driving Trump’s neglect of Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico is still waiting for federal aid. Donald Trump awards himself 10 out of 10 for Puerto Rico hurricane response. Here are the disturbing numbers on Puerto Rico one month after Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico still needs our help — here’s what you can do. Reminder: The U.S. Virgin Islands are still in crisis.

In Puerto Rico, a hopeful sight: Endangered parrot spotted after Hurricane Maria.

A “hiero” in the White House: Antonio Redfern Pucci on Trump’s resemblance to a Greek tyrant. Trump lines pockets with one sentence in new law, buried 700+ pages deep. Nancy LeTourneau on Trump’s criminally-inspired approach to deal-making. Trump just publicly accused the FBI of having conspired against him. Does Trump live in an alternate reality? Some believe that the president is so divorced from actual governance that his statements have limited consequences — but that isn’t the case. Tom Friedman on The Trump Doctrine: “Obama built it. I broke it. You fix it”. Trump is not the failure he appears to be: A lot of people laughed when the president claimed to be “ahead of schedule”, but he’s not wrong.

Trump’s military family scandal reveals the profound ugliness of his character. “Kelly confirms Trump said ‘he knew what he was getting into’ but instead of criticizing Trump 4 lying, he attacked woman who exposed his lie”. The real John Kelly: His freewheeling press conference proved that there are no adults in the room.

Tomasz Zuradzki (Jagiellonian): The Normative Significance of Identifiability. In Czech election, a new threat to European unity. Jessica Loudis on why we need Stuart Hall’s imaginative Left. Arresting disabled bodies: How disabled activists turned the fight for Medicaid into a battle for civil rights. The problem is the prices: Opaque and sky high bills are breaking Americans — and our health care system. Trump World quickly abandons its obsession with email servers. Trump’s judge pick Jeff Mateer admits he discriminates against gay people. Francis Fukuyama on relaunching The American Interest. Harvey Weinstein’s former employees reckon with what they knew and what they didn’t. After Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood assistants urged to break culture of silence.

Stephen L. Morgan and Jiwon Lee (Johns Hopkins): The White Working Class and Voter Turnout in US Presidential Elections, 2004-2016. Rigged: Ari Berman on how voter suppression threw Wisconsin to Trump — and possibly handed him the whole election. Democrats should stop chasing the “sensible centrists” — they don’t exist, but voter suppression, on the other hand, is very real. Is Trump leading Congressional Republicans to slaughter? It isn’t the president’s extremism that’s sabotaging GOP incumbents, so much as his cowardly evasion of responsibility. Is it safe to say Trump is a favorite to win re-election? The incredibly boring reason Trump is on track to win in 2020.

Vesa Kanniainen (Helsinki): Cyber Technology and Arms Race. John Yoo (UC-Berkeley): Embracing the Machines: Rationalist War and New Weapons Technologies. Will artificially intelligent weapons kill the laws of war? Amitai Etzioni (George Washington) and Oren Etzioni (Allen Institute): Pros and Cons of Autonomous Weapons Systems. Aleksandar Fatic (Belgrade): The Ethics of Drone Warfare. Militant groups have drones — now what? Drone warfare: James Rogers on the death of precision. Our next world war might be fought in outer space: To counter threats from China and Russia, the U.S. military is scrambling to weaponize space on a scale not seen since Ronald Reagan. Military officials say we need to prepare for space war.

What’s the matter with Republicans? Ross Douthat on how the party of Trump became a liberal caricature. The debunked IRS scandal shows there’s no sane wing of the GOP. The G.O.P. is a mess — it’s not all Trump’s fault. Establishment Republicans mystified by their base should look at Ed Gillespie’s campaign. The GOP is the party of Roy Moore. E.J. Dionne on the enablers of Trump’s dangerous presidency. Here are 5 reasons the GOP won’t dump Trump. Republicans have Stockholm Syndrome and it’s getting worse. Does Charlie Sykes understand how the Right lost its mind? Alex Shepard on the increasingly isolated world of conservative media.

Aaron Blake on George W. Bush’s unmistakable takedown of Trumpism — and Trump. George W. Bush condemns Trumpism, but skips his role in its rise. Thread: “It’s maddening how many will rehabilitate George W. Bush in the age of Trump instead of pointing out how Bush’s GOP paved the way for Trump”. George W. Bush bashing Trump’s “cruelty” is hypocritical bullshit.

Trump governs by disruption — and overloads all the circuits. Are you wrestling with Trump fatigue? Lots of people are — and that may be a good thing. Engaging in politics these days is both toxic and exhausting. How American politics became so exhausting: Alan Jacobs looks at why it’s impossible for people who disagree to hold a civilized conversation. Nancy LeTourneau on the difference between “you are wrong” and “you are evil” and one of the things that makes politics exhausting these days. “Mindful resistance” is the key to defeating Trump: Outrage and disdain waste mental energy — and feed into a narrative that sustains the president.

What is white supremacy? A few thoughts on the question. The language of white supremacy: Narrow definitions of the term actually help continue the work of the architects of the post-Jim Crow racial hierarchy. Dell Upton on Confederate monuments and civic values in the wake of Charlottesville. Why the “alt-Lite” celebrated the Las Vegas massacre. The war against the Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate groups claim SPLC is the one actually inciting violence. How should the alt-Right be covered? Milo Yiannopoulos’s game has been obvious from the beginning, and the so-called liberal media keeps getting played.

Skin in the game: How antisemitism animates white nationalism. Can American Jews be white nationalists? White House adviser Stephen Miller is a spokesman for groups that wouldn’t have him as a member. Nicole Hemmer on the women fighting for white male supremacy. Tamara Holder on how the alt-Right’s view of women is worse than the Nazis’. Birth of a white supremacist: Andrew Marantz on Mike Enoch’s transformation from leftist contrarian to nationalist shock jock. When white nationalists chant their weird slogans, what do they mean?

Seth F. Kreimer (Pennsylvania): The Ecology of Transparency Reloaded. The world once laughed at North Korean cyberpower — no more. Ates Altinordu on political narratives and authoritarian consolidation in Turkey. Invoking Trump, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen dismantles the country’s democracy. “Squeal on the pigs”: French women bombard Twitter with tales of sexual harassment. Laura Gianino: I went public with my sexual assault — and then the trolls came for me. Internal White House documents allege manufacturing decline increases abortions, infertility, and spousal abuse. Uber pushed the limits of the law — now comes the reckoning. Lisa Appignanesi reviews Freud: The Making of an Illusion by Frederick Crews.

Aziz Z. Huq (Chicago): Terrorism and Democratic Recession. Lisa Blaydes and Martha Crenshaw on how 9/11 created a feedback loop for international jihadism. Paul Kamolnick (ETSU): The Al-Qaeda Organization and the Islamic State Organization: History, Doctrine, Modus, Operandi, and U.S Policy to Degrade and Defeat Terrorism Conducted in the Name of Sunni Islam. Mara Revkin (Yale): When Terrorists Govern: Why State-Building Terrorist Groups Require a New Targeting Approach. From RAND, when the Islamic State comes to town: The economic impact of Islamic State governance in Iraq and Syria.

From the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism, Anne Speckhard (Georgetown) and Ahmet S. Yayla (George Mason): The Runaway Bride of ISIS: Transformation a Young Girl with a Dream to a Lethal ISIS Enforcer. We spoke to women who married into ISIS in Syria — these are their regrets. Rape and slavery was lure for UK ISIS recruits with history of sexual violence. New UN team investigating ISIS atrocities raises questions about justice in Iraq and beyond.

“Come out and surrender”: Inside Raqqa, with the fighters who drove off ISIS. ISIS fighters, having pledged to fight or die, surrender en masse. Trump: ISIS “gave up” because he’s president. Trump’s boasts about ISIS crumble under scrutiny. ISIL was ended not by Trump or Obama but by Muslims. Why the fall of Raqqa doesn’t feel like much of a victory. ISIS “caliphate” fades but social media empire remains. Adam Badawy and Emilio Ferrara (USC): The Rise of Jihadist Propaganda on Social Networks.

From Lawfare, Ned Price on the civil-military divide: A temporary casualty of the Trump administration. It’s not organized military opposition to President Donald Trump, but day by day, generals and admirals are publicly stepping up and directly giving the American public their views in ways that don’t always match the Twitter rhetoric of their commander in chief. Weakest commander in chief ever: Trump likes to say that he’s strong on the military — but he’s weak, so weak. Trump breaks these 3 rules about how U.S. presidents relate to the military. Trump faces new scrutiny over grieving military families. Trump’s refusal to take responsibility is a deep moral failure. Bannon says criticizing Trump disrespects the military.