From CJR, an interview with Clay Shirky (and part 2). The Number-Cruncher-in-Chief: When it comes to major policy reforms, cost matters; luckily, Obama's budget guru knows how to change the price tag. VHS era is winding down: The last big supplier of the tapes is ditching the format, ending the long fade-out of a product that ushered in the home theater. The Natural: An article on Bettie Page, Pollyanna of pin-ups — and what might be remembered of the life of a woman who was long ago replaced by her own representation? When Ian Halperin went undercover to investigate the lives of struggling actors in Hollywood, he soon found himself in a world of E-meter-wielding Scientologists. Martial law of the jungle: When defending the environment means calling in the military. A review of The Age of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn by Louisa Gilder. A review of The Structural Evolution of Morality by J. McKenzie Alexander. A review of Genomes and What to Make of Them by Barry Barnes and John Dupre. More and more and more on Susan Sontag's Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963 (and more from Bookforum). A review of The American Resting Place: Four Hundred Years of History Through Our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds by Marilyn Yalom. Cooling down the New Cold War: How President Obama should manage Russia.