A new issue of the Journal of Transnational American Studies is out. From Miranda, Eve Bantam-Masum (Toulouse): Laughing at the United States; and Michelle Brattain (Georgia State): Forgetting the South and the Southern Strategy. From NeoAmericanist, Jesse Goldberg on how the Lost Cause allowed for reconciliation through cultural performances of surrogation; and why do vampires prefer Louisiana? From whoopensocker to upscuddle, strubbly to swivet, 50 years after it was first conceived the Dictionary of American Regional English is finally about to reach the end of the alphabet. A review of Speaking American: A History of English in the United States by Richard W. Bailey. Atomic Bread Baking at Home: The history of sliced bread in America provides a cautionary tale for equating food intake with societal health. From Common-place, a special issue on scientific Americans. Here is a map of the United States showing routes of principal explorers, from 1501 to 1844. The United States of 2012: Asked artists, architects, and designers recreate the U.S. map to reflect the state of things.

The latest issue of Nations and Nationalism is free online. From The Trumpeter, Alex Guilherme (Durham): Metaphysics as a Basis for Deep Ecology: An Inquiry into Spinoza's System. From Jacobin, Seth Ackermanon the strike and its enemies. Pennies from heaven: Chris Lehmann on how Mormon economics shape the GOP. Cave paintings in Malaga, Spain, could be the oldest yet found — and the first to have been created by Neanderthals. Rick Santorum and Natural Law: What explains the attraction of evangelicals to a presidential candidate who prides himself on the depth of his Catholicism? From The New Inquiry, there’s a small segment of the ████ that is not available to the general public. Don't spill that semen: EJ Graff on taking personhood mandates to their natural conclusion. Noam Scheiber on Obama’s brush with political disaster: The inside story of his worst year. Crisis in the Sahel: There are some stunning images from the front lines of the world’s next big humanitarian crisis. Julian Baginni on why Homer Simpson is our greatest philosopher. Will Ray Kurzweil run for president?

A new issue of Strategic Studies Quarterly is out. From Naval War College Review, Robert C. Rubel (NWC): The Future of Aircraft Carriers. From Joint Force Quarterly, Robert C. Rubel (NWC): Slicing the Onion Differently: Seapower and the Levels of War; and a review of The Diffusion of Military Power by Michael C. Horowitz. SEALs, 50 years and counting: In its first half century, a once little-known Navy unit has evolved into what is arguably the world’s most celebrated force of combat arms. A review of U.S. Army Doctrine: From the American Revolution to the War on Terror by Walter E. Kretchik. A review of Beer, Bacon, and Bullets: Culture in Coalition Warfare from Gallipoli to Iraq by Gal Luft. A review of American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U. S. Military History by Chris Kyle with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice. The Pentagon Labyrinth: Ten Short Essays to Help You Through It aims to help both newcomers and seasoned observers learn how to grapple with the problems of national defense. A look at how the military is adapting pro sports software to speed decision making.