From World Affairs Journal, a special section on Arab Spring or Islamist Winter. Juan Cole on the top ten myths about the Arab Spring of 2011. From Three Monkeys Online, how Nasr Abu Zayd might have read the Arab uprisings. The Arab League may not be perfect, but it's come a long way. Making up is hard to do: As the Arab Spring countries are about to learn, reconciliation is hard, grinding work. Why do nations fail? As Arab dissidents know all too well, Daron Acemoglu says, it has to do with how societies are politically organized. Eugenio Lilli on revolts in the Arab world: Is it bad news for Islamic terrorists? A year after the Arab Spring, the Middle East is quickly moving from revolution to war. What should America do about the Arab Spring? The Crackdown: Kelly McEvers on how the United States looked the other way while Bahrain crushed the Arab Spring’s most ill-fated uprising. From ResetDOC, a special section on Egypt, Tunisia and Iraq; and what spring for Morocco? Christopher de Bellaigue on Iraq and what remains. John W. Jones on how we lost the peace in Iraq. A review of Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq by Richard Bonin. Saudi Arabia recently announced its intention to launch its own nuclear program — why no international uproar?

Rebecca Tushnet (Georgetown): Scary Monsters: Hybrids, Mashups, and Other Illegitimate Children. From Thirdspace: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Culture, a special issue on Barack Obama and the Audacity of Hope. Bringing Heaven to Earth: Zoe Bran describes the role of a shaman in contemporary Western society. Jamais Cascio on how the future isn't what it used to be. Stephen Farthing explores the implosion of sexuality and its increasing absorption into our society within an existential paradigm of socially mediated defence against anxiety of ultimate concerns. From Wired, Robert Capps on why black market entrepreneurs matter to the world economy. Are we on information overload? An interview with David Weinberger, author of Too Big to Know: Rethinking Knowledge Now That the Facts Aren't the Facts, Experts Are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Room (and more and more and more and more). Keep on Rockin' in the Free World: How the Velvet Underground and Vaclav Havel built a blueprint for toppling totalitarians and other censors.

Joseph Bulbulia (VUW): Spreading Order: Religion, Cooperative Niche Construction, and Risky Coordination Problems. Marie von der Lippe (Stavanger): Reality Can Bite: Perspectives of Young People on the Role of Religion in Their World. From the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, John D. Caputo (Syracuse): The Return of Anti-Religion: From Radical Atheism to Radical Theology; and a review of The Death of God: An Investigation into the History of the Western Concept of God by Frederiek Depoortere. From the Journal of Religion and Society, Ronald A. Simkins (Creighton): Biblical Studies as a Secular Discipline: The Role of Faith and Theology; and Louis Ernesto Mora (PPC) and Wilson McDermut (St. John's): Religious Fundamentalism and How it Relates to Personality, Irrational Thinking, and Defense Mechanisms. Can a religion survive being stripped of its superstitions? An interview with Alex Rosenberg, author of The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life Without Illusions. A review of Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton (and more). Physics as metaphysics: Is there a quantum spirituality?