Virgilio A. Rivas (PUP): Derrida and Zizek: On the intersections of Differance and Parallax, from Eating Well to the Necessity of Idiocy. From the International Journal of Zizek Studies, Lisa Banu (Purdue): Design and Shit: Reality, Materiality and Ideality in the works of Jean Baudrillard and Slavoj Zizek; and Robert St. Clair (William and Mary): The Bomb in (and the Right to) the City: Batman, Argo, and Hollywood’s Revolutionary Crowds. Zizek and education: An excerpt from “The Threshold of the Zizekian: Notes Towards a Zizekian Pedagogy” by Daniel Tutt. Slavoj Zizek on the anger in Bosnia, but this time the people can read their leaders' ethnic lies. Fat-free chocolate and absolutely no smoking: Slavoj Zizek on why our guilt about consumption is all-consuming. Slavoj Zizek comments on Thomas Piketty's Le Capital au XXIe siecle. Is Slavoj Zizek a US propaganda psyop? Stuart Jeffries on a critical theoretic Marxist dialectical analysis of the World Cup song: “What's going on here is what Slavoj Zizek calls fetishistic disavowal”. The slow death of originality? Mark Carrigan on thoughts on the self-plagiarisation of Slavoj Zizek. As if writing copy for Abercrombie & Fitch wasn’t enough, a recent article by Slavoj Zizek in Playboy Magazine is circulating around the internet. “If you don’t give me any of your shitty papers you get an A”: Slavoj Zizek fans and haters can finally agree on something — he probably doesn’t like any of you. Please stop worshipping Slavoj Zizek, the superstar professor who calls students “boring idiots” (but before we pile on Zizek, we probably ought to consider the source). The last laugh: Marc Farrant reviews Zizek's Jokes by Slavoj Zizek (and more).

Dagmar Rita Myslinska (Charlotte): Racist Racism: Complicating Whiteness through the Privilege and Discrimination of Westerners in Japan. Kieran Setiya (Pittsburgh): The Mid-Life Crisis (“Argues that philosophy can solve the mid-life crisis”) Guido Franzinetti (UNIPMN): “Nazional-Popolare”: A Footnote on the Lexicon of Nationalism. No, Bernie Sanders should not run for president: Charles Davis on why his challenge is a waste of time. It’s time to recognize that we negotiate with terrorists, just like everyone else does. Most conservatives aren't arguing that the U.S. should have left Bowe Bergdahl behind, but it's the inescapable conclusion of their opportunistic critique. Conservatives are searching for new reasons not to save the planet. Max Ehrenfreund on how coal companies have bigger problems than the Obama administration. From ThinkProgress, one day after U.S. announces emissions target, China says carbon cap is on the way; and Josh Israel on how major companies distance themselves from U.S. Chamber of Commerce campaign against Obama’s climate plan. Neil deGrasse Tyson reveals his grand theory of climate change denialism: People will finally believe the science when they begin to lose their wealth. That’s a mighty nice climate change plan, America, but now the question is: Will it survive 2016? Noah Smith on five more ways to fight global warming. When driverless cars crash, who’s to blame? Brian Fung on how the rise of autonomous vehicles creates a tricky legal gray area. Michaele L. Ferguson reviews Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work by Melissa Gira Grant. Robert Darnton on how a world digital library is coming true. Impeach Barack Obama: Allen B. West on how his unilateral negotiations with terrorists represent high crimes and misdemeanors.

Ezio Di Nucci (Duisburg-Essen) and Filippo Santoni de Sio (TUDelft): Who’s Afraid of Robots? Fear of Automation and the Ideal of Direct Control. David Gunkel (NIU): The Rights of Machines: Caring for Robotic Care Givers. Cameron Hamilton (Georgia State): On the Possibility of Robots Having Emotions. From the inaugural issue of Intervalla, a special section on social robots and emotion: Transcending the boundary between humans and ICTs. “How do robots have sex?” sounds like the set-up line for a bad joke; using robots to model an evolutionary conundrum. Would you fuck a robot? You would probably fuck a robot. Something any man can be proud of: The humble sperm has inspired a new robot, the MagnetoSperm — or “bro-bot”. Ryan Jacobs on how the elderly fear their future robot friends will corrupt children. From the International Journal of Machine Consciousness, a collective review of the books Aristotle's Laptop: The Discovery of Our Informational Mind by Igor Aleksander and Helen Morton and Consciousness and Robot Sentience by Pentti O. Haikonen. Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering Ray Kurzweil thinks so. US military begins research into moral, ethical robots, to stave off Skynet-like apocalypse. Who’s afraid of killer robots (and why)? Cory Doctorow on why it is not possible to regulate robots: We regulate machines, from drills to defibrillators, but what distinguishes a power-drill from a robot-drill? Researchers have invented insect-sized robots that can swarm together and build just about anything. Evan Selinger on how the emerging “Internet of Things” is turning us into robots. Forget robots — we’ll soon be fusing technology with living matter. Researchers put robots in conversation, and the result is somewhere between romantic bickering and dorm-room existentialism.