Eric Jardine (CIGI): The Dark Web Dilemma: Tor, Anonymity and Online Policing. What happens when you reduce the cost of being an asshole? This is the basic problem with Twitter — it’s too damn big and too damn easy to use. How to tame an Internet troll: Frank Pasquale reviews Reading the Comments: Likers, Haters, and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web by Joseph M. Reagle and This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Mapping the Relationship between Online Trolling and Mainstream Culture by Whitney Phillips. In the battle of Internet mobs vs. the law, the Internet mobs have won. In 2015, the dark forces of the Internet became a counterculture. Casey Newton on the search for the killer bot: Bots are here, they’re learning — and in 2016, they might eat the web. Welcome to hell: Nilay Patel on Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the slow death of the web. Google and Facebook are our frenemy — beware.

Moria Paz (Stanford): The Law of Walls. “No one but himself to blame”: Spencer Ackerman on how Obama’s Guantanamo plans fell through. Dan Froomkin and Jenna McLaughlin on how FBI vs. Apple establishes a new phase of the crypto wars. Most software already has a “golden key” backdoor: The system update. The billion-dollar Supreme Court Justice: Antonin Scalia was worth billions of dollars to corporate America, if a Dow Chemical settlement made public is any indication. Laurence H. Tribe on the Scalia myth. Dean at University of Texas resigns in part over handgun law. Haeyoun Park, Josh Keller, and Josh Williams on the faces of American power, nearly as white as the Oscar nominees. The Revenant author has a day job: Michael Punke is the United States ambassador to the World Trade Organization, a role that is seriously limiting his celebrity.

Lee Drutman on clouds, clocks, and the unexpected rise of Donald Trump. The governing cancer of our time: Donald Trump’s candidacy is the culmination of 30 years of antipolitics. Federico Finchelstein and Pablo Piccato on how Donald Trump may be showing us the future of right-wing politics. The conservative movement has become the GOP establishment — now what? Donald Trump doesn’t represent conservatism, but he does represent conservatives. In Iowa, fans chant “Trump! Trump!” at racially diverse high school basketball team. What differentiates Trump supporters from other Republicans? Ethnocentrism. Michael A. Cohen on how GOP voters want to be lied to: “Rather than recognizing that their demands could never be met, rather than seeking out a candidate who could moderate conservative positions to get into office and affect the change so deeply desired, GOP voters sought out a politician who lies to them at even greater levels. Enter Donald Trump”.

Donald Trump is disrupting the Religious Right’s Christian-America dreams: “Ted Cruz was leading in the Jerry Falwell wing of the evangelical movement, Marco Rubio in the Billy Graham wing, and Trump in the Jimmy Swaggart wing”. What do conservatives stand to lose with a Trump nomination? Nearly everything. Ronald Brownstein on how Trump is redefining the Republican Party — and his rivals are poorly positioned to stop him. Isn’t the point here that if a great political party is so vulnerable to fraud as obvious as Trump — it was unhealthy to start with? Trump is the GOP’s Frankenstein monster — now he’s strong enough to destroy the party (and more). A group of Republicans is moving quickly to research ballot-access requirements for independent candidates in case Trump wraps up the GOP nomination.

Twilight of the apparatchiks: It’s amazing to see the party’s elite utterly astonished by the success of a candidate who is just saying outright what they have consistently tried to convey with dog whistles. Republican race puts Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on collision course. Rubio and Trump now at war for the GOP’s future. Rubio and Cruz seek to destroy Trump as Republicans wage all-out war. Marco Rubio’s Trump attacks expose uncomfortable truths for the Right. Alexander Burns, Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin go inside the Republican Party’s desperate mission to stop Donald Trump. How do you beat Donald Trump? You punch him — over and over. Sam Stein on how the Republican Party has failed to dig up dirt on Donald Trump: GOP operatives are alarmed, Democrats are astonished. How come we haven’t heard from all the people Trump has cheated? To fight critics, Donald Trump aims to instill fear in 140-character doses.

Republicans are dicks and Donald Trump is their daddy. The real reason Donald Trump is winning: No one thought it was possible. Wall of GOP resistance to Trump begins to crack: Christie wasn’t the first mainstream Republican to jump — he won’t be the last. Alex Balk on the Trump endorsement: “So, yeah, sure, why not, let’s have Donald Trump as the GOP nominee”. This is how Donald Trump takes over: The Republican Party is screwed.

Whom will you blame for President Trump? David Lauter, Michael Finnegan and Noah Bierman on what a Donald Trump presidency might actually look like. Donald Trump just declared his intent to destroy American democracy. Former CIA director Michael Hayden: Armed forces would ignore Trump.

Danielle Allen on how Trump’s candidacy is already damaging America. Just how stupid are we? Rick Shenkman on facing the truth about Donald Trump’s America. Alex Seitz-Wald and Benjy Sarlin on why Democrats fear Donald Trump. Trump may be the only force in American politics able to make Clinton into a uniter and not a divider.

Everything you need to know about appointing a Supreme Court justice. When was the last Supreme Court nomination in which stakes were this high? Maybe never. Why do we pretend Supreme Court justices are anything but political officials? Appoint a few more Scalias, kiss democracy goodbye. No, Joe Biden didn’t say that the Senate should block Supreme Court nominees during an election year. How the New York Times is helping Republicans frame the Supreme Court controversy. There is no modern precedent for the coming SCOTUS nom battle royale. Senate Republicans and the Supreme Court: Where is this headed exactly? Senate Republicans are a lot weaker than they look. Will Mitch McConnell pay for his Supreme Court jiggery-pokery? The only way Republicans win this Supreme Court fight is by confirming Barack Obama’s nominee. How Republicans are breaking the Senate.

Can Democrats keep the SCOTUS fight alive all year? Four paths Obama could take with his Supreme Court nominee. GOP senator Mike Lee explains why he’ll never vote to confirm an Obama Supreme Court pick: “President Obama’s free to nominate, and we’re free not to confirm”. Mitch McConnell is already threatening to block the next president’s Supreme Court nominee too. Supreme Court snub is ultimate delegitimization of first black president (and more). Will the Supreme Court just disappear? Yes, you’re entitled to enjoy the death of Scalia.

Elisabetta Brighi (Westminster): The Globalisation of Re-sentment: Failure, Denial and Violence in World Politics. Want world peace? Bring women to the table. Alex Zielinski on the ethical risks of engineering mosquitoes into extinction to stop Zika. Purge the New York Times op-ed page: The paper of record has let its opinion columns degrade into self-parody. Former Mexico president Vicente Fox had a strong message for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump: Mexico is “not going to pay for that fucking wall”. Biden to Mexico: Sorry about that whole Trump thing. Once Trump locks up the nomination, judicious, chin-stroking Republican moderates will declare, after much cogitation, that given Hillary Clinton’s, um, something or other, Trump is the more responsible choice. Hillary Clinton once had a cat named Isis.

Where is Republican billionaire “kingmaker” Sheldon Adelson? Beset with legal troubles, the casino magnate and Republican powerbroker seems to be holding back, despite acquiring Nevada’s most influential newspaper. Sheldon Adelson and the missing $100 million: The casino mogul, the biggest donor of 2012, is withholding his big checks, puzzling Republicans. Mega-donors shy away from fight with Trump: Fearful of counterattacks, rich conservatives and their allies are mostly holding their fire. David Frum on the twilight of the Super PAC: The campaign groups are enriching the people who run them — but are they helping anyone else? You can download Taxation Only with Representation: The Conservative Conscience and Campaign Finance Reform by Richard W. Painter (“This book is the first comprehensive discussion of corruption in campaign finance from the viewpoint of a political conservative”.)

Sumantra Maitra (Nottingham): Was Putin Ever a Friend of the West? Realism and the Rise and Decline of Putin’s Rapprochement with the Bush Administration after 9/11. Want to understand why Putin does what he does? Tim Marshall on Russia and the curse of geography. U.S. is playing catch-up with Russia in scramble for the Arctic. With Russia overextended elsewhere, Arctic cooperation gets a new chance. Yes, Putin may be starting to win Georgia away from the West — here’s why that matters. The bear awakens: Nikolas K. Gvosdev goes inside Vladimir Putin’s massive plan to restore Russian might. Catrin Einhorn, Hannah Fairfield, Tim Wallace on how Russia rearms for a new era. Mark Galeotti on why it’s time for a new strategy in Russia. Julia Ioffe on how the Pentagon is preparing new war plans for a Baltic battle against Russia.

Don’t buy the hype: Russia's military is much weaker than Putin wants us to think. Michael McFaul on the myth­ of Putin’s strategic genius. Putin’s Syrian folly: Russia’s strategic genius is yielding the predicted results in Syria. The world rightly worries about the prospect of a Greater Russia — but a Lesser Russia could be just as troubling. Can Russia survive cheap oil? The Kremlin must contend with the collapse in energy prices. Russia isn’t looking good — but it sure is feeling good.

Eric Heinze (Queen Mary): Towards a Legal Concept of Hatred: Democracy, Ontology, and the Limits of Deconstruction. From Review of Historical Geography and Toponomastics, Paul Woodman on the toponymy of absence. The name of the polymath: Scott McLemee pays tribute to the life of Umberto Eco, who had an attitude of mind condemned to tireless curiosity. Nike founder Phil Knight’s $400 million gift to Stanford is philanthropy at its worst. Bill Gates: the energy breakthrough that will “save our planet” is less than 15 years away. U.S. abortion clinics are closing at the fastest rate since abortion became legal. These 6 charts show how much sexism Hillary Clinton faces on Twitter. Conservative leaders hedge on support for Cruz. Trumpland: Cruz, Huckabee and Santorum might make up an OK personal injury law firm, or the worst folk-rock group ever.

Welcome to Trumplandia: Where all the men are white. New white supremacist PAC robocalls: “Don’t vote for a Cuban”, vote Trump. Nearly 20 percent of Trump’s supporters disapprove of Lincoln freeing the slaves. Lynn Vavreck on measuring Donald Trump’s supporters for intolerance. Matthew MacWilliams on how the best predictor of Trump support isn’t income, education, or age — it’s authoritarianism. What is a Trump Republican? GOP front-runner building diverse coalition. Onward, Christian soldier Trump. David Livingstone Smith on how Trump sells salvation: His lie-laden pitch is reminiscent of some of history’s most horrifying leaders. Juan Cole on how the US went Fascist: Mass media makes excuses for Trump voters. Trump’s victories aren’t mysterious if you understand why people are angry.

Donald Trump, crony capitalist: Despite fierce anti-big-business sentiment among many Republican voters, no candidate has emerged to champion them. Matt Taibbi on how America made Donald Trump unstoppable: He’s no ordinary con man — he’s way above average and the American political system is his easiest mark ever. The people Donald Trump allegedly ripped off through Trump University look a lot like Trump voters. Lynn Stuart Parramore on how America became the love child of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump.

Why isn’t the G.O.P. trying harder to beat Donald Trump? There’s a very good reason for Rubio and Cruz not to destroy Trump. It begins: Trump wins his first Congressional endorsements. Russ Schriefer on the day Donald Trump became the establishment candidate. The Republican Party is broken — and it’s not Donald Trump who broke it. Matthew Continetti on seven reasons Democrats should be terrified of Donald Trump.

Grant Ramsey (KU Leuven): Can Altruism Be Unified? Judith Lichtenberg on Peter Singer’s extremely altruistic heirs: Forty years after it was written, “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” has spawned a radical new movement. Thomas Nagel reviews The Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism is Changing Ideas about Living Ethically by Peter Singer and Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference by William MacAskill. Can “effective altruism” really change the world? We must transform the world, not simply make choices that appear to be rational within the current global order. Generous people are happier and healthier, yet acts of kindness are often met with suspicion and scorn — why? These are the charities where your money will do the most good. Andres Gomez Emilsson on how ending suffering is the most important cause. You’ll never guess the most charitable nation in the world.