From The Atlantic Monthly, Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Barack Obama on his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world. )ut of bounds, off-limits, or just plain ignored: Andrew J. Bacevich on six national security questions Hillary, Donald, Ted, Marco, et al., don’t want to answer and won’t even be asked. You'll never guess which 2016 candidate is the most explicit realist on foreign policy. Does it matter that Bernie Sanders thinks foreign policy doesn’t matter too much? Michael Crowley on Bernie’s foreign policy deficit. Molly O’Toole on the world according to Trump: As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump come into focus as the presidential front-runners, so too do their foreign-policy platforms — or lack thereof. Would a President Trump ruin America’s foreign policy — or save it? Joshua Shifrinson on how Donald Trump’s foreign policy views are actually pretty mainstream. Jacob Heilbrunn on the GOP’s new foreign-policy populism: The rifts within the Republican Party are not going away any time soon.

Joel R. Paul (UC-Hastings): The Cost of Free Trade. Jeff Spross on what the fierce liberal debate on free trade misses. Zack Beauchamp on Bernie Sanders’s trade problem: Helping American workers would hurt the world’s poorest. Mark Kleiman on trade, Trump, and downward class warfare. Was trade the secret sauce in Bernie Sanders’ Michigan win? Donald Trump insists that China, Japan, and Mexico are stealing our jobs — are they? Ana Swanson on why America is more competitive than you think. A protectionist moment: Is the backlash against globalization finally getting real political traction?

Shubha Ghosh (Syracuse): Fuck the Draft: Notes on the First Amendment and Trademark Law. The majority of all state abortion bills are based on lies, report finds. Shut up and sit down: Joshua Rothman on why the leadership industry rules. Sarah Keenan on Hillary Clinton, Riot Grrrl and subversive property. Bernie Sanders or bust? That’s a stance based on privilege — people who refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton on principle may be able to ride out the storm of a Republican administration, but many of us can’t. Mr. Rubio’s Neighboorhood: Lost and found in the land that made Marco. A Texan who called Obama a gay prostitute may soon control what goes in children’s textbooks. Lunatic slams maniac for hanging out with madman. What does it take to be a “best-selling author”? $3 and 5 minutes — Brent Underwood goes behind the scam.

From RealClearPolitics, if Rubio is supposed to be half as good as they say, why has he failed so miserably? Lost in the fiasco surrounding Donald Trump is that the so-called moderate Republican candidates are almost as bad. The GOP’s gross Adam Sandler primary: Chauncey Devega on Donald Trump, penis jokes and the pathetic state of conservatism. Thomas B. Edsall on Donald Trump, the winning wild card. Alex Pareene on how Trump is the Reagan Revolution as farce. From The Unz Review, an article on a sensible, coherent Trumpism. Ben Railton on Trump and the Klan, a new controversy with old roots: The Ku Klux Klan’s dominant role in the 1924 Democratic National Convention was a telling moment with 21st century echoes. Obamacare didn’t pave the way for Donald Trump — the GOP’s response to it did.

Inside Trump’s inner circle, his staffers are willing to fight for him — literally. The parent-child discussion that so many dread: Donald Trump. Christopher Federico, Christopher Johnston and Howard Lavine on why Trump’s supporters tolerate his “liberal” economic positions. Trump’s voters aren’t authoritarians, new research says — so what are they? Nick Gillespie on how authoritarians vs. libertarians is the real fight on the Right. Matt O’Brien on why the Republican establishment is actually winning. Bill Scher on the case for shutting down the Republican Party: The rise of Donald Trump presents an opportunity for the party to start afresh.