From National Review, Scott Winship on how culture, not economy, explains Trump’s appeal. A king in his castle: Jason Horowitz on how Donald Trump lives, from his longtime butler. Ivanka Trump is gracious, capable, and not crazy — what is she doing helping her father? Kids need to learn self-regulation to succeed — Trump is teaching them the opposite. Amanda Marcotte on the gangster candidate: Donald Trump and his supporters behave like the mafia, with veiled threats and acting above the law. Trump has his finger on the pulse of America’s bloodlust — and for that, we’re all a little guilty. Kira Lerner on how Trump has inspired violence across the country, in one map. David Duke told his radio show on Wednesday that Donald Trump’s campaign could do wonders “rehabilitating” Adolf Hitler’s image.

Luce Irigaray, the feminist psychoanalyst who situated Freud’s sexist doctrine of penis envy within “phallocentric” discourse, may be of some help in explaining Trump’s penis envy. Simpsons writer who predicted Trump presidency in 2000: “It was a warning to America”.

Roger M. Groves (Florida Coastal): “Can I Profit from My Own Name and Likeness as a College Athlete?” The Predictive Legal Analytics of a College Player’s Publicity Rights vs. First Amendment Rights of Others. Victoria Bateman reviews What Works: Gender Equality by Design by Iris Bohnet. Welcome to the land that no country wants. Zoe Heller reviews Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works by Jay Newton-Small; and My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency by Doug Henwood. Jay Driskell on Bernie Sanders: A working-class hero is something to be. The rise of the #regressiveleft hashtag: Joseph Bernstein on what the alt-right’s newest explosively popular hashtag is all about. Popular Mechanics is redefining the word “mechanics” and proving that America is once again a nation of crafters and builders.

From The Atlantic, Molly Ball on the final stage of Republican grief: With Donald Trump’s hold on the nomination strengthening, some in the GOP establishment believe it’s time for acceptance. Ross Douthat on the third party dilemma. Ramesh Ponnuru and Francis Wilkinson debate where the Republicans are headed. The future of the Republican Party rests with Donald Trump. Can the death of the GOP be the birth of realignment? Robert M. Ceresa investigates. Democrats sound alarm against Trump: Top liberals and leading progressive groups perceive the GOP front-runner as a dangerous and unprecedented threat. Clinton’s big night could be the start of total party realignment for the Democrats. Jeff Spross on how Donald Trump will force the Democratic Party to make a fundamental decision. Ezra Klein on how the difference between the Republican and Democratic parties has never been clearer.