From FiveThirtyEight, why Donald Trump? Clare Malone is on a quest to figure out what’s happening in America. Why is Trump so popular? Visiting the south gave Paul Theroux some clues. Donald Trump has one core philosophy: Misogyny. Trump is the Uber-American, a man of his time; when you look at him, America, you see yourself in the mirror. Why Trump is winning: His supporters think America is screwing over whites. Feeling G.O.P. peril, Muslims try to get out vote. Sahil Kapur on Donald Trump’s tough but plausible path to winning the White House. Newt Gingrich is bullish on Donald Trump. Thomas Edsall on the Republican crackup. Brian Beutler on why Brussels makes an anti-Trump third-party bid necessary. Contested conventions, explained: Andrew Prokop on why the GOP’s best hope to stop Trump is so risky and dangerous.

The GOP and its big funders scramble to insulate Congress from Trump. Is retaking the House a Democratic pipe dream? If Trump drags down the GOP candidates, there’s a chance — but there are also a lot of obstacles of the Democrats’ own making. GOP ads give Democrats anti-Trump playbook. Lasting damage for GOP: Young voters reject Donald Trump. Shutting down Donald Trump’s rallies isn’t the way to defeat him: David Moberg on how anti-Trump protesters should focus their efforts on countering his messages, not preventing him from speaking.

Rebecca Tushnet (Georgetown): The First Amendment Walks into a Bar: Trademark Registration and Free Speech. In hindsight, an “American Psycho” looks a lot like us. Thomas Piketty on how social investment can stop jihad: “Social development with equity is how hatred will be defeated”. It’s good that Hamilton will stay on the redesigned $10 — but he needs company. How did we get from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” to Oprah Winfrey’s “spiritual capitalism”? Ann Neumann on cults and capitalism. Patrick Yingling on civil disobedience to overcome corruption: The case of Occupy Wall Street. Descendants of John D. Rockefeller sold their Exxon Mobil Corp. stock and plan to dump all other fossil-fuel investments in the latest move against the industry that made their fortune. All-out warfare is about to break out between Bernie Sanders’ supporters and the political press. Tim Urban on why cryonics makes sense.

Donald Trump featured in ISIS affiliate’s propaganda video about Brussels: A new video by the terrorist group uses the Republican primary candidate’s voice and image. Top intelligence official: ISIS to attempt U.S. attacks this year. ISIS in America: 82 people have been accused by American officials of trying to help the Islamic State — how serious is the threat? Extremism in MN: Why are Somali-American kids joining Islamists abroad? Zach Dorfman reviews United States of Jihad: The Untold Story of Americans Fighting for Radical Islam by Peter Bergen (and more and more). Can we stop homegrown terrorists? Law enforcement is making progress against “lone-wolf” jihadists who want to harm other Americans, but the threat will persist — and remain relatively modest. Can we prevent terrorism by checking immigrants’ social media accounts?

Eric Posner on how ISIS gives us no choice but to consider limits on speech: America faces unprecedented danger from the group’s online radicalization tactics. Those demanding free speech limits to fight ISIS pose a greater threat to U.S. than ISIS. Danielle Allen on We the “Politically Correct” People: A lead author of the Constitution used the phrase in 1793 — and it should guide our actions against terrorism now. Aaron David Miller on four taboos to break in the fight against ISIS. Republicans “creating the conditions for a clash of civilizations”, says Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA). Glenn Greenwald on the deceptive debate over what causes terrorism against the West. William J. Barber on the misdiagnosis of terrorism: The real violence threatening America is that of our immoral public policy choices, at home and abroad.

“Terrorist attacks are the price we pay for maintaining a global empire”: Kade Crockford on the bald-eagle boondoggle of the terror wars. Phil Torres on how the United States is scarier than the Islamic State: Even our closest allies fear that we are a menace militarily and environmentally — the threat is lethal and real. Tom Engelhardt on why the Islamic State is the minor leagues of terror: It’s so much more comfortable to fear extreme Islamist movements than to take in apocalyptic terrors that are clearly part of our own patrimony. Nick Turse on America’s secret African drone war against the Islamic State. The force that moves the hand that pushes the button: Seeing that the Islamic State seeks a nuclear weapon or other dangerous weapon of mass destruction, at what point will America be forced to use the bomb?

Exactly how much more dangerous has terrorism made our lives? Lawrence Krauss on thinking rationally about terror. Fear itself: Max Fisher on why Obama wants to change how Americans think about terrorism. Obama on ISIS: “They’re not an existential threat to us”.

Laura Guillen (ESMT), Natalia Karelaia (INSEAD), and Hannes Luc Leroy (KU Leuven): The Authenticity Gap: When Authentic Individuals are Not Regarded as Such and Why it Matters. From The Baffler, Astra Taylor is against activism: Unlike activism, which often prioritizes the “self” over the collective, organizing is cooperative by definition; and the new man of 4chan: Can a retreat from the authority of the nuclear family into an extended adolescence of videogames, porn, and pranks really be described as patriarchal? Jonathan Chait on the possibilities of Obama’s last lap. Nicholas Lemann on why big business and big government haunt America: From the Hamilton-Jefferson split to Bernie Sanders, our mistrust of magnitude has long played a role in politics. Julian Baggini reviews The Language Animal: The Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity by Charles Taylor.

Can Paul Ryan’s pleasant language sell his divisive policies? If your ideas hurt people, it doesn’t matter what you call them. A look at why Paul Ryan opposes divisive politics. Paul Ryan’s bizarre speech was a de facto endorsement of Donald Trump. Paul Ryan’s self-serving hypocrisy is enabling Donald Trump and Ted Cruz: The speaker decries the ugly and divisive politics of his party, yet he promises to back the ugliest and most divisive nominee.

Beth Van Schaack (Stanford): The Building Blocks of Hybrid Justice. Margaret M. DeGuzman (Temple): The Elusive Essence of Crimes Against Humanity. Elizabeth von Briesen (UNC): Modeling Genocide. Aliza Luft (Wisconsin): Genocide as Contentious Politics. Nora Stel (MSM) and Wim Naude (UNU-WIDER): Business in Genocide: Understanding and Avoiding Complicity. Tadeusz Kugler (Roger Williams): The Demography of Genocide. Timothy Williams (Marburg): More Lessons Learned from the Holocaust: Towards a Complexity-Embracing Approach to Why Genocide Occurs. Ajdin Dautovic (Carleton): Potato, Potatoe: An Analysis of the term “Ethnic Cleansing” and “Genocide”, and its application in the Bosnian War and Genocide. Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic guilty of genocide, war crimes. Jack Jenkins on why John Kerry just accused ISIS of genocide.