After Olympics, Rio is altered if not reborn. Clay Dillow on how hosting the Olympics is a terrible investment. Here’s an idea: Hold the Olympics in multiple cities at once. The Olympic spirit is unbridled, rabid nationalism: The Games succeed because they indulge precisely what they claim to transcend — the world’s basest instinct for tribalism. Gene Demby interviews Antonio Sotomayor, author of The Sovereign Colony: Olympic Sport, National Identity, and International Politics in Puerto Rico, on how Monica Puig’s gold medal complicates the argument for Puerto Rico’s statehood. Ana Swanson on why bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists, and other things the Olympics teaches us about human emotions.

Can record-breaking race times ever represent the glory of sports? Alex Traub on the quest to run a marathon in under two hours. Peter Aldhous on why track-and-field stars don’t set world records like they used to (but swimmers do): Many world records in athletics have stood for 20 years or more — in most events, say sports scientists, top performers have already reached the limits of human biology. We are nowhere close to the limits of athletic performance: Stephen Hsu on how genetic engineering will bring us new Bolts and Shaqs. Should we allow a doping free-for-all? Philosophers Julian Savulescu and Robert Sparrow debate the ethics of performance enhancement.

Ronald F. Inglehart (Michigan) and Pippa Norris (Harvard): Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Populism: Economic Have-Nots and Cultural Backlash. John R. Brooks (Georgetown): Student Loans as Taxes. U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds. The majority of American men believe sexism is over, according to a new poll. Yes, sexism is real, so you need to stop being such a moron about it. Get ready for the era of The Bitch: A Hillary Clinton presidential victory promises to usher in a new age of public misogyny. As Donald Trump falters, Democrats plan to press fight for Supreme Court. Justice Department says poor can’t be held when they can’t afford bail. Joe Romm on explaining all of U.S. energy use with a genius chart and cheeseburgers. Why are so many newborns still being denied pain relief?

From World Policy Journal, a special issue on Latin America. Paulo Drinot reviews State Building in Latin America by Hillel Soifer. Gerardo L. Munck (USC): Building Democracy, Which Democracy? Ideology and Models of Democracy in Post-Transition Latin America. Inigo Errejon, the political strategist of Podemos, in conversation with Chantal Mouffe on the potential impact of the Latin-American political ideas and practices. Latin America from leftwing hopes to bloody dictatorships: Tony Wood reviews Viva La Revolucion by Eric Hobsbawm. From Dissent, a forum on Latin America’s pink tide, with an essay by Patrick Iber on the path to democratic socialism and the lessons from Latin America (and responses). Veronica Schild (Western): Feminism and Neoliberalism in Latin America. Latin America’s neoliberal bashing loses its lustre: Neoliberalism has degenerated into a catch-all Latin pejorative for anything deemed reactionary.

Don’t look now, but much of Latin America is shifting away from the policies that Donald Trump has been endorsing. Richard Haass on Latin America’s moment. Ricardo Hausmann on how overdosing on heterodoxy can kill you (and more). Noah Smith on how a socialist revolution can ruin a country. Venezuela is falling apart: Moises Naim on scenes from daily life in the failing state. Is the Latin American Left dead? From Brazil to Argentina, the region is moving right — but one nation shows a path forward for the Left.

Pasquale Cirillo and (TU Delft) and Nassim Nicholas Taleb (NYU): The Decline of Violent Conflicts: What Do The Data Really Say. This is why Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte will get away with murder. If Ryan Lochte misled us about armed robbery, how can we trust any man who says he is a victim of theft? This is exactly how women are treated — particularly when it comes to the false accusation of rape. Obamacare hits a bump — but it shouldn’t be hard to fix. There’s a simple fix for Obamacare's current woes: The public option. Just a reminder: Congress isn’t going to fix Obamacare — or enact single-payer — any time soon. David Dayen on the never-ending battle for Obamacare. Julia Belluz on 4 reasons disease outbreaks are erupting around the world. Save the trash: Christopher Bonanos on why the Gawker archive is important. Hillary Clinton’s ethics problems are worse than she understands.

Anne Applebaum on the secret to Trump: He’s really a Russian oligarch. David Graham on the precipitous rise and fall of Paul Manafort (and more). Congress, worried about Trump, is trying to tie the next president’s hands on Russia — but the oil industry is trying to lay the groundwork for a President Trump. The Koch brothers won’t support Trump, but the Republican Party is still theirs. The Kochs, Big Oil are taking their war with the EPA to the ballot box.

The All-American Donald Trump: Richard Yeselson on why Trump’s rise could only happen here. Jamil Smith on the un-American activities of Donald Trump. Timothy Shenk on the dark history of Donald Trump’s rightwing revolt: The Republican intellectual establishment is united against Trump — but his message of cultural and racial resentment has deep roots in the American Right. The Republican Party in exile: The world of GOP intellectuals and policymakers has been upended by Donald Trump — what is there to do but carry on? How conservative media can save itself in the age of Trump. For conservative press, the post-Trump reckoning can’t come soon enough. Republicans worry a falling Donald Trump tide will lower all boats. Senior Republicans say RNC must stick with Trump or risk losing Congress. Republicans prep “break glass” emergency plan as Trump tumbles.

Jared Kushner’s second act: His father-in-law’s bid for the White House is in shambles — is he the man to fix it? Trump’s Train considers a scary thought: He might lose. To Trump, even losing is winning. Win or lose, Trumpism may be here to stay in the GOP. Experts worry Trump’s war on America’s democratic institutions could do long-term damage. Sam Tanenhaus on Donald Trump, the American nihilist. Trumpism is a politics of loss and revenge. “Racialists” are cheered by Trump’s latest strategy. David Duke show celebrates Trump’s Breitbart hire: We’ve “taken over the Republican Party”.

Trump World: Elizabeth Titus on the Republican presidential nominee’s complicated orbit. What are Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, and Steve Bannon really up to? Donald Trump is actually running for president of talk radio. Trump’s media empire takes shape: The Republican nominee is losing the race, but he’s building his brand. Introducing the Trump News Channel coming in 2017: If Trump loses, his consolation prize may be a whole new right wing media juggernaut. Trump TV may be in the works; but can it turn voters into viewers?