From Mother Jones, Sarah Posner and David Neiwert on how Trump took hate groups mainstream. The alt-Right was conjured out of pearl clutching and media attention (and more). These charts show exactly how racist and radical the alt-Right has gotten this year. David Duke and other white supremacists see Trump’s rise as way to increase role in mainstream politics. Meet the horde of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and other extremist leaders endorsing Donald Trump. Montana Republicans warmly embrace a white nationalist’s legislative candidacy. The white flight of Derek Black: A former heir to a racial nationalist movement reconsiders the ideology he once helped spread. Does this meme prove Donald Trump is a white supremacist? The perversion of Pepe the Frog: In hijacking the amphibian character, the alt-Right is defiling a great tradition of racial commentary in cartoons. Alt-Right trolls are using these code words for racial slurs online.

D.D. Guttenplan interviews Milo Yiannopoulos, the most hated man on the Internet, on the alt-Right, why Donald Trump is a cultural candidate, and why he thinks America should be great again. Who believes slavery wasn’t really that bad? I did — William Black on confessions of a former neo-Confederate. Isaac Bailey on how Trump exposed America’s white identity crisis: The GOP nominee’s greatest legacy will be that he forced us to confront racist demons we thought were mostly behind us. White people explain why they feel oppressed. Old whine, new bottles: Michael Kazin on Trump and American populism. Being a bumpkin: Oliver Lee Bateman on the Gordian knot of white-trash identity (and more). Sarah Smarsh on how the liberal media elite failed working-class Americans: Trump supporters are not the caricatures journalists depict. Where are the profiles of Clinton country? The mainstream media has reported the heck out of Trump voters — not so much with Clinton voters.

Were Kansas white terrorists self-radicalized or was it Trumpism? “We need white people to be our eyes and ears and alert us to the growing radicalization and extremism in their communities. #KansasPlot” Why won’t Trump say the words, “radical Christian terrorism”?

Victor Pickard (Penn): Toward a People’s Internet: The Fight for Positive Freedoms in An Age of Corporate Libertarianism. David McClendon (Pew): Crossing Boundaries: “Some College” and the Role of Schools in Educational Assortative Mating. Greenland’s receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear project. Meet Fancy Bear: Sheera Frenkel investigates the Russian group accused of hacking the US election — and finds they’ve been practicing for this moment for a long time (and more). When should private emails become the public’s business? The Brat Pack grows up: Once the voice of youthful dissatisfaction, Jay McInerney, Tama Janowitz, and Bret Easton Ellis experience the growing pains of middle age. Did you know female engineers are more common in Muslim countries than in the United States?

From PS: Political Science and Politics, a symposium on forecasting the 2016 American national elections. The fury and failure of Donald Trump: Win, lose or drop out, the Republican nominee has laid waste to the American political system. What happens if Trump supporters believe his “rigged election” hype? Trump and the dark art of bad publicity: In one lurid, scandalous month in 1990 he learned a lesson that helped forge his whole candidacy. Is G.O.P. dodging a landslide? Trump’s polling hasn’t collapsed (yet). Yusef Salaam: “I’m one of the Central Park Five. Donald Trump won’t leave me alone”. How Donald Trump turned Ted Cruz into a laughingstock. Somebody that he trusts and likes: Joshua Wolf Shenk goes inside Donald Trump’s mind. Trump refusal to accept government assessments on Russian hacks dismays former officials.

Ivanka Trump silent as women allege Donald Trump inappropriately touched them. Enthusiasm for Donald Trump fades, yet partisanship keeps it close. “Pitchforks and torches time”: Sheriff David Clarke openly calls for riots as Trump says election is “rigged”. While you were diverted by the Trump Show, the Kochs are about to add the U. of KY to their portfolio. Donald Trump’s epic meltdown, explained. Donald Trump’s campaign has become a cult. Taking Trump voters’ concerns seriously means listening to what they’re actually saying. Here are the reasons civil rights advocates are worried about election day. Victor Pickard on media and politics in the age of Trump. Trump’s D.C. hotel shows as poll sink, so does his brand. Donald Trump Jr. says women who “can’t handle” harassment should teach kindergarten.

Reaping the Republican whirlwind: Paul Ryan is getting sucked into the kind of conspiracy theory that Republicans normally foment against Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump’s problem isn't a conspiracy — it’s him. Donald Trump has turned to scorched-earth campaigning — it could affect a lot more than the election. What Trump tweets while America sleeps: A look at the frequency and content of Trump’s late-night tweets finds the Republican presidential nominee indulges in late-night tweeting after moments of stress or triumph. The banality of Donald Trump: Rafia Zakaria on Hannah Arendt and her relevance to our political moment. The rise of viral Trump merchandise: Joseph Bernstein goes inside the frantic, vulgar, prolific market for clothing featuring the most memeable presidential candidate in history.

Oh, the irony: Donald Trump’s deputy campaign manager David Bossie spent career framing Bill Clinton as a sex predator. For John Yoo, the conservative legal scholar and former Justice Department official under President George W. Bush, Trump “reminds me a lot of early Mussolini — very, disturbingly similar”. Americans are losing faith in democracy — and in each other. 46% of Republican voters say Bill Clinton’s treatment of women is a legit campaign issue; only 33% say same of Trump's treatment of women. Donald Trump is setting the stage to never concede the 2016 election. The Trump brand is so toxic that his company is now planning hotels without his name on them. Daniel Horowitz on why conservatives will need a new party if/when Hillary wins.

Open-carry and election law: Where do state laws on voter suppression and open-carry intersect with federal laws on voter intimidation and voting rights? The press always got booed at Trump rallies — but now the aggression is menacing. CPJ chairman Sandra Mims Rowe says Trump is threat to press freedom (and more). Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government by Christopher H. Achen and Larry M. Bartels is the best book to help you understand the wild 2016 campaign. When women feel that hand begin to creep: A silver lining to this dreadful election is to embolden girls and women to speak up, not submit. What will become of Jared Kushner? Pondering the future of Donald Trump’s son-in-law and surrogate.

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt explains why the Republican Party is about to break in two. Why is anyone sticking with Trump? His “alpha male” appeal. Trump’s supporters talk rebellion, assassination at his rallies. Donald Trump isn’t going to like a new report about his campaign’s impact on his businesses. Yes, October surprises can skew November results. Eliot Weinberger on who won’t be voting for Trump. Friend, swipe your Trump Card: Membership in the elite Presidential Black Card club is only a $35 activation fee away. Trump the arsonist: John Feffer on evangelicals, survivalists, the alt-Right, and Hurricane Donald. Donald Trump intensifies his claim that campaign is “rigged”. Donald Trump’s barrage of heated rhetoric has little precedent.

A.D. Maidansky (BelSU): Russian Leviathan and the Marxist Idea of Dying Out of the State. Farooq A Kperogi (Kennesaw State): Marxist Theory of the Media or Theory of the Media by Marxists? Reconciling Adorno with Other Marxist Media Theorists. Subir Sinha (SOAS) and Rashmi Varma (Warwick): Marxism and Postcolonial Theory: What’s Left of the Debate? Marxism, modernity and marginality: Andrew Zimmerman reviews Marx at the Margins: On Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Non-Western Societies by Kevin B. Anderson. Karl Marx, yesterday and today: The nineteenth-century philosopher’s ideas may help us to understand the economic and political inequality of our time. What Marx means in a world that has made peace with capitalism: Michael Kazin reviews Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion by Gareth Stedman Jones.

Soho revolutionary: For the current Labour leadership, Karl Marx is the man of the moment, says Howard Davies. One of the problems with being a Marxist is that one is the subject of silly misunderstandings — here are a handful of the bad arguments against Marxism. The best time I pretended I hadn’t heard of Slavoj Zizek: One weird trick to frustrate the hell out of a Marxist bro.

Jarno Hietalahti (Jyvaskyla): The Dynamic Concept of Humor: Erich Fromm and the Possibility of Humane Humor. Jean Allain (QUB): The White Slave Traffic in International Law. 5 things to know about Antonio Guterres, the new U.N. secretary general. Afghanistan is an infinite quagmire: It began as the “good” war — fifteen years on, it’s a disaster we can’t escape. A court ruled against Elizabeth Warren’s brainchild and saved it — for now. What Elizabeth Warren really wants from Hillary Clinton (and more). Jesse Singal on why the video-game culture wars won’t die. Becquer Seguin on the Spanish-speaking William F. Buckley. Tyler Cowen interviews Ezra Klein on media, politics, and models of the world. The backlash over Colin Kaepernick is just Americans’ refusal to acknowledge racism — again.

Hillary Clinton to panicked Republicans — you’re on your own: Clinton was once willing to draw a distinction between “normal” Republicans and Donald Trump; not anymore. The math says Democrats have little shot at the House — Donald Trump suggests otherwise. Senate update: Clinton is surging, but down-ballot Democrats are losing ground. Hillary Clinton needs to start campaigning aggressively for a Democratic Congress. In Greensboro, Obama links Trump’s misogyny to Trump’s racism — as only Obama can. White House sets trap, warns Trump against attacking Michelle Obama. Trump’s new strategy is to make liberals too depressed to leave their homes. How Donald Trump decided to make Bill Clinton’s accusers a campaign issue. Trump’s rejection of opposition research comes back to haunt him (and more).

Trump’s macho populism: Federico Finchelstein and Pablo Piccato on how Donald Trump’s treatment of women is a matter of politics, not just style — rooted in populist and fascist ideas that exalt male power and promote misogyny. The sexual predator who would be king: Trump seeks to impose on America a strongman politics that even Republicans note — and fear. Donald Trump’s locker room is the entire world. Claire Cain Miller on what politicians’ reactions to the Trump video reveal about sexism.

Trump’s campaign embraces rape culture: He and his surrogates are gaslighting an entire nation. Surrogates explaining away Trump’s sexual behavior only seem to make things worse. Wacky far-right theory for Trump tape leak gets mainstream play. If Donald Trump sues the New York Times, he will lose. The reality show locked in NBC vaults: The public right to know about a possible future president’s record of misogynistic and racist abuse is now deemed to abridge the sacrosanct “trust” in the reality-television programming community.

Trump responds to groping allegations by blaming global conspiracy by Clinton, media, and international banks (and more and more). Donald Trump’s campaign is an echo of Reconstruction-era racism. Emma Grey Ellis on how the alt-Right grew from an obscure racist cabal: The National Policy Institute spread the term “alt-Right” — it’s a white nationalist think tank (and an academic version of 4chan). Jane Coaston: “How Trumpian conservatism took over the world — and lost me”. Trump supporters say there’s nothing he could do or say to change their minds. Henry Farrell on how The Twilight of the Elites by Chris Hayes explains Trump’s appeal. Donald Trump is a talented politician: He might be “sad” and “lonely”, but he’s attuned to the concerns of millions of Republican voters.

Delusion, projection, revenge: Donald Trump and the GOP are indistinguishable. Reminder: The vast majority of Republican politicians are still on the Trump train. Saving conservatism from Trump’s GOP: Avik Roy — a former adviser to Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney — wants to rescue conservatism from Trump’s divisive tribalism. Whose Grand Ol’ Party is it to destroy, Ryan’s or Trump’s? Paul Ryan was the “enemy” of the alt-Right long before he crossed Donald Trump. From Vox, Matthew Yglesias on the real reason Donald Trump is lashing out at Paul Ryan; and on how Donald Trump’s wild new rhetoric isn’t about winning — it’s about what comes next. For or against Trump, GOP fears intensifying civil war if he loses. Worst-case Trump: What if losing the election only makes him stronger?

“Like family members living in the home of an abuser our sense of what is normal starts to get blunted and deformed under the weight of abuse. The whole country is damaged in a way that won’t soon lift under the best of circumstances”. Self-care in the time of Trump: Survivors and activists alike don’t owe anybody anything except the care of themselves. You’re not alone — election anxiety is real: A majority of Americans report “significant stress” in 2016. Putin ally Vladimir Zhirinovsky tells Americans: Vote Trump or face nuclear war.

John M. Newman (Memphis): The Myth of Free. Alison Griswold on how Silicon Valley’s unicorn fantasy is collapsing in on itself. Anil Dash on how there is no “technology industry”: The label’s become too big to be useful, and tech could suffer for it. Will Oremus on how tech companies are dominating the stock market as never before. Silicon Valley was going to disrupt capitalism — now it’s just enhancing it. Christina Farr goes inside Silicon Valley’s culture of spin: Founders have learned that they need to embellish to get funded, but at what point does making bold claims become an outright lie? Aja Romano on everything wrong with Silicon Valley culture in one gross presentation: This tech recruiter is convinced diversity makes Silicon Valley a landscape of entitled, fragile brats. Who’s left to embarrass Silicon Valley now that Peter Thiel has killed Gawker?

Vindu Goel on when Yahoo ruled the Valley: Stories of the original “surfers”. Welcome to airspace: Kyle Chayka on how Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic across the world. Is US defence losing its edge in technology? The Pentagon is on a charm offensive in Silicon Valley but many see no need to embrace government. David Dayen on Clinton’s coziness with Silicon Valley: More troubling than her Wall Street ties.

Thomas Pistorius (Erasmus): The Rhetoric of Investment Theory: The Story of Statistics and Predictability. Newspaper closes in Hungary, and Hungarians see government’s hand. Andrew Kramer on a new weapon in Russia’s arsenal, and it’s inflatable. Pound slumps to 168-year low. Rebecca Nelson on the dark humor of Tammy Duckworth, Iraq war hero and gun control advocate. Evangelical magazine Christianity Today publishes scathing anti-Trump editorial. Why Donald Trump’s campaign could prove to be the death of the Christian Right. No, Trump hasn’t destroyed the Christian Right: The Republican nominee simply exposes the movement’s true aim — preservation of white patriarchy. Meet Guy Sims Fitch, a fake writer invented by the US government. At 15, Malcolm Gladwell ran a zine called Ad Hominem: “our rule was you had to attack someone personally”.

Daniel P. Tokaji (OSU): Voting is Association. Eugene D. Mazo (Rutgers): Residency and Democracy: Durational Residency Requirements from the Framers to the Present. Pippa Norris (Harvard): Why American Elections are Flawed (and How to Fix Them). The computer voting revolution is already crappy, buggy, and obsolete: Remember when everyone hated hanging chads and wanted computerized voting? Adrienne LaFrance on designing a better ballot: Even small tweaks can have a significant effect on an election. This study shows American federalism is a total joke: Voting for state legislators is dominated by feelings about the president. Supriya Syal and Dan Ariely on how science can help get out the vote: Research offers several proved strategies for boosting turnout on Election Day.

Anthony J. McGann, Charles Anthony Smith, Michael S. Latner, and Alex Keena, authors of Gerrymandering in America: The House of Representatives, The Supreme Court and the Future of Popular Sovereignty, on an ongoing crisis in the way the House of Representatives is elected. American democracy betrayed: Elizabeth Drew reviews Ratfked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America’s Democracy by David Daley (and more). Texas’s voter-registration laws are straight out of the Jim Crow playbook; compare them to Oregon’s, which make voting incredibly easy. The GOP’s next target: Get-out-the vote operations? States keep weaseling around court orders blocking GOP voting restrictions. Some Republicans acknowledge leveraging voter ID laws for political gain (and more). Scott Porch interviews Zachary Roth, author of The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy (and more).

Trump backers tweet #repealthe19th after polls show he’d win if only men voted. Erick Trickey on how hostile poll-watchers could hand Pennsylvania to Trump. Donald Trump is setting a time bomb: His calls for racial voter intimidation on Election Day could explode in all our faces. Rick Hasen on how Donald Trump’s dangerous vote rigging comments follow years of Republican voter fraud hysteria.

Patricia Salkin and Irene Crisci (Touro): Billy Joel: The Chronicler of the Suburbanization in New York. SpearIt (Texas Southern): Sonic Jihad: Muslim Hip Hop in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Now that the former outsiders have survived misogynist critics, a fickle industry, and each other, the stars are aligned for Tegan and Sara to become two of the biggest names in pop. Rob Tannenbaum on an oral history of “We Built This City”, the worst song of all time. Taylor Mugavin on Beyonce and the sexual objectification of Lemonade. Why rock criticism was essential to the Replacements. Does Nicki Minaj portray the image of a phallic mother? Elena Petrova investigates. The South stole Americana: Josh Garrett-Davis on America’s untended musical roots. Hua Hsu on how nostalgia drives the music industry: The returns of Dinosaur Jr. and De La Soul are reminders of how yearning for the past shapes pop history.

Andrew Jensen Kerr (Georgetown): Rap Exegesis: Interpreting the Rapper in an Internet Society. The end of the angry guitar: A couple of decades ago, the guitar still ruled in rock and pop, but now it’s in eclipse. Lisa Aslanian on rap’s civility game. Craig Jenkins on how Britney Spears and Carly Rae Jepsen stay relevant. Clio Chang on the case for Carly Rae Jepsen. Hip-hop hymnals: Why are rappers like Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar finding religion? Matthew Kassel reviews Rock Critic Law: 101 Unbreakable Rules for Writing Badly About Pop Music by Michael Azerrad.